20160613 Should Singapore government shut down completely to prevent a terrorist attack?

Ah Kow: Bro, you all read the latest news? PM Lee cakap next May all 100,000 computers use by the public service will be cut off from the internet. He also say this is “absolutely necessary” and government take these “security threats seriously”.

Ahmad: If what he say is true, then like that machiam other government all not serious about security threats, except maybe North Korea only.

Arumugam: In any democratic country, such a move has to be debated in Parliament. But in Singapore, PAP can do anything because the outcome of a debate or no debate also the same.

Ah Kow: PM also admit our productivity will slow down even further but our productivity already NEGATIVE so I cannot understand his logic. You all think he got new formula for economic growth – negative productivity + more negative productivity = positive economy?

Aru: Haha. How come you know so much about productivity?

Ah Kow: I remember last year Lim Hng Kiang said our productivity negative 0.8% and it was in the third year negative already. This year, the gahmen report still underwater 0.1%. So 4 years already negative but PM Lee say must negative some more so we won’t kena attack online. Got logic or not?

Ahmad: Quite funny way of running the country. 4 years negative productivity but GDP keep going up, up and away? Kow got a point.

Ah Kow: I think Aru explain last time PAP bring in more foreigners to increase the population so our Gloss Domestic Product increase. Many smarter people call PAP a one-trick monkey, something like that.

Aru: No it’s called a one-trick pony.

Ah Kow: Sorry, pai seh.

Ahmad: After PM Lee, Mr Read-The-Right-Things also came out to tell us the same thing. He said “we are constantly under attack…cannot ignore that”.

Ah Kow: Like dat last time also kena attack Yayacob means gahmen ignore la? What for explain to the people after gahmen already decided? If no need to consult people, also no need to explain right?

Ahmad: My Mat brother also cakap the gahmen considered this for “a very long time”. True or not no one knows. Talk is cheap but if we ask Yayacob to disclose minutes of meeting to proof they already considered “a very long time”, then I don’t think he can produce. We already know that gahmen long term planning = short term planning, so “a very long time” can also mean a very short time.

Ah Kow: Ya, but Singaporeans bodoh, accept every word without question. Don’t know how to ask questions like you, me and Aru.

Aru: The worst is when Yayacob said “I’m not going to give you a guarantee that we will be 100 per cent secure”. It’s like telling us he is not god.

Ah Kow: Wa lau eh. Got the highest paid civil servants, pay hundreds of millions for cyber security, cut access to the Internet and still dare to talk cock like that? Like that I also can be minister!

Ahmad: What a joker he is. If so scared of attack, then better just shut down the whole government. Terrorists all confused cannot find any government to attack right?

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One Response to 20160613 Should Singapore government shut down completely to prevent a terrorist attack?

  1. Xmen says:

    I’m amused by the drastic action taken by the government. Apple, Google and Tesla are targeted by hackers all over the world. Banks are another prime target. Even SWIFT is now a target. So what’s different about Singapore? One word – IMCOMPETENCY!

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