20160606 Minister Khaw still wants to praise SMRT for its failure

Arumugam: Bro, you read about the new SMRT wayang? Main actor Minister Khaw said “Rail system working towards regaining earlier standing”.

Ah Kow: Aiyah, nowsadays use to all this wayang already la. Commuters fed up kena breakdown so many times but Khaw trying to tell people we number one when police wear short pants. But many Singaporeans only read propaganda, refuse to think and still kena con.

Ahmad: Khaw also mentioned Taipei rail staff came to look see, look see, our system but he quickly anyhow self praise and claim “We were then an exemplary MRT player…”. Did Taipei officials say that SMRT was exemplary? Like that every foreign official come to Singapore, the government can anyhow say we are exemplary in every way meh? Instead of addressing present issue, Khaw still talking about the past!

Ah Kow: My nephew 16 years old also understand SMRT will continue to fail because its aim is to make money for Temasek Holdings. According to this blogger with inside information, “senior management in SMRT asked that all the departments in SMRT be independently profitable. ALL THE DEPARTMENTS! Including the maintenance and engineering departments.”

Ahmad: Bro, I din read the whole article and sounds like Khaw talking about bra size when he mentioned “full cup”. But where got such thing full cup, I know only got A cup to ….

Aru: Khaw trying to act too smart again but he wasn’t talking about bra sizes. What he meant was our PTOs score 100 points if the cup is full. Then he said “At the moment, I describe the cup as three-quarters empty”, ie minus 75 points. So our PTOs’ score is only 25/100: FAILED.. Khaw pai seh beat around the bush.

Ah Kow: Wa lau eh! Cannot be leh, scholars in classroom always score A or A*.

Aru: What cannot be? Reality and classroom conditions not the same OK? Singapore run by scholars always protect their own scholars. When the lower rung fails, the top (Khaw) will wayang in the media and failures are still rewarded. When the top fails, his subordinates will put in a lot of good words and turn failure into instant success. This is how our system works you still don’t know meh?

Ahmad: I read the latest SMRT annual report failure CEO Kuek earned $1.87 million last year. That means he was paid about $5500 per day for failing to do his job. No wonder everyone wants to be scholar and then join PAP. I think after a while, Kuek will kena posted to other GLCs so that people will forget they kena shortchanged.

Ah Kow: Not only that, they will say he did a dam good job. If not siah sway right?

Aru: When Khaw said Taipei officials came to study our MRT, he did not mention if they benefited anything at all. According to Wikipedia, Taipei’s Institute of Transportation had “invited British Mass Transit Consultants and China Engineering Consultants Inc. to form a team and provide in depth research on an earlier preliminary report” in 1981. In reality, the British are the ones who helped them. Nothing mentioned about Singapore. At that time, our MRT system wasn’t even built!

Ahmad: I remember last December, Khaw was comparing our system with Hong Kong’s MTR. Now suddenly Taipei. How can learn from Taipei when their system started later than ours? Why employ all the scholars who have no original idea but must copy and paste from the whole world?

Ah Kow: Hmm … another 6 months Wayang Khaw maybe want to learn from India because their system can tahan super heavy load.

Aru: Our system was designed for a 4 million projected population in 2030 at the earliest. These scholar jokers still think can anyhow increase the frequency of trains to fit into PAP’s population white paper. .

Ahmad: So Khaw again only tell half the story and imagine SMRT was top train operator 20 years ago.

Aru: Since Taipei’s MRT started running in 1996, its population has increased by about 10%. But ours increased from 3.67 million in 1996 to 5.5 million last year, an increase of 50% over the same period! You tell me which government in the universe increase the population like PAP and expect the MRT system to run smoothly? Stupid right??


Ahmad: Put it the other way, if Taiwan had increased its population by 50% like Singapore instead of 10%, their MRT now in ICU.

Aru: Also, Taipei system is better because there are more stations despite being shorter than ours by 40 km..

Singapore and Taipei MRT system

. Singapore Taipei
Length 170.7 km 131.1
No. of stations 101 117
Daily ridership 2.879 mil 2.15 mil

Ahmad: I think someone is turning in his grave because of our upside down government: longer Singapore line learn from shorter Taipei line, more experienced Singapore MRT team learn from the less experienced Taipei team. Looks like the daft 70% ask for this shit and increasing major disruptions akan datang.

Aru: What to do? Minister scholar, PTO CEOs scholar and LTA CEO also scholar. All of them got ZERO experience before parachute into million-dollar jobs to create havoc for commuters.

Ahmad: All these book smart leaders will never admit they have failed … I mean how come they designed a system for 4 million population then suddenly want to cram 6.9 million? When quitter Goh lay red carpet for foreign trash, did he use his brains or not?

Ah Kow: What to do? We all just go suck thumb and prepare for more wayang and more breakdowns. Give more allowance for transportation when we go to work. Maybe at least 2 hours when it comes to exam. No wonder some people now name our system it Ass MRT.

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