20160531 Should Singaporeans recite the National Pledge when PAP runs our country as a corporation?

The PAP government has been running our country as Singapore Inc for decades. That being the case, PAP should seriously consider replacing our National Pledge with one for a corporation.

Adult Singaporeans should also be honest with our children and tell them that our education system is designed to groom them to be economic digits controlled by aristocrats and their children. Words like “justice”, “equality”, “happiness”, “prosperity”, etc are really meaningless.

If there is justice, let me ask where is the justice when:
political prisoners are merely collateral damage?
– a negligent military officer who had contributed to the death of an NSF was promoted a year later?
– our self-checking government holds no one responsible for the suicide of Benjamin Lim?
– lapses at SGH resulted in 8 deaths but none responsible told to hara kiri?

Is there justice in a system which allows the Election Department, under the control of PAP, to file police reports against an ex political detainee and a blogger? What about laws being tweaked to ensure zero accountability from the PAP?

Justice my foot, many would say.

In a democratic system, power lies in the hands of the people. In Singapore, power lies in the hands of a handful of ministers. So what’s the point of reciting “to build a democratic society” when, in reality, the government has been paying lip service to this for decades? Only an idiot would believe Singapore is a democratic country.

When it comes to “equality”, it’s even worse because not only are ordinary Singaporeans less equal than aristocrats, we are also discriminated against foreigners. An example would be the thousands of foreigners receiving education at public institutions, fully funded by the PAP.

Is there happiness in a society which is burdened by increasing debt, especially housing, and costs rising faster than wages? Are people happy when forced to live with foreigners with strange accents and habits from third world countries? How can happiness exist when people constantly worry about unaffordable healthcare costs?

“Prosperity” is another big joke because people won’t need to ask for more handouts from the government in an affluent society. Is a society prosperous when more elderly are resorting to cardboard collection as a form of ‘exercise’?

How many think this is a form of exercise, keechiu!

Most Singaporeans tend to ignore the fact that our ‘prosperity’ has been built on an increasing mountain of debt. More than 20 years ago, our household debt to GDP was about 20%. Today, this figure stands at 60%.

Image source

Although our GDP has increased sixfold from about US$50 billion in 1992, household debt has skyrocketed by 20 times.

In short:
– Singaporeans don’t live in a democratic society.
– Justice and equality are reserved for the elites.
– Prosperity is an illusion created by mainstream media propaganda.

Since Singapore is run as one huge corporation, our National Pledge holds no meaning for citizens. I would suggest this be replaced by a Singapore Inc Pledge.

Singapore Inc Pledge

We the employees of Singapore Inc,
pledge ourselves as one united workers,
regardless of nationality, language or culture,
to build a profitable corporation,
based on greed and exploitation,
so as to achieve soaring revenue, increasing dividends
and progress for our corporation.

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2 Responses to 20160531 Should Singaporeans recite the National Pledge when PAP runs our country as a corporation?

  1. Sad day for singapore says:

    Dear Philip, has been a silent reader on your blog for sometimes. Like your sometimes funny way of writing and sometimes 一针见血 way of describing the sad scene of the current Singapore. It does get depressing at times. Hey pls take good care of yourself, I don’t want you to be caught in any trouble with the G, you never know what will they do, really. Hope you can blog for as long as you can, don’t be like lucky tan pls.. is not worth it. Please if you dont mind, i hope that I can email you to stay in touch. God blessed!

  2. Xmen says:

    Hmm… what happened to lucky tan… a very smart local blogger who is a level above everyone else.

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