20160518 Erroneous NASDAQ data on Temasek’s investments

In February, Nasdaq disclosed Temasek had sold out 19 of its 20 investments as of 31 Dec 2015. (see below)

On 17 May, Nasdaq disclosed an increase in Temasek’s investments to 25 as of 31 March 2016 and again it divested all except Level 3 Communications Inc.

Did Temasek increase the number of investments from 1 in December last year to 25 in March?

The following day, Temasek’s position again changed from a total of 25 investments as of 31 March to 27 investments. (see below)

Not only did Temasek not divested 24 of its investments, as disclosed earlier, its new positions have actually increased to 27 and its sold out positions was zero!


Something is not quite right either with Nasdaq or Temasek. Can suka suka keep changing data like that meh?

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6 Responses to 20160518 Erroneous NASDAQ data on Temasek’s investments

  1. leiloutao says:

    Maybe Temasek is scalping in size! High frequency trading…LOL!

  2. wongcheokwan says:

    Great article exposing erroneous nasdag data. This is just the tip.The whole financial

    world is a con job.Want AAA ratings? Just pay under secret account. Just analyse bond

    issue performance to see some light.

  3. N.A. says:

    You try so hard. But I have to ask, why bother?

    Let it go….
    No empire lasts forever.

    Maybe one day positive change will come.
    But it won’t be this in generation.

    Maybe my grandkids.

    • Phillip Ang says:

      I have much to offer and will resist PAP’s insistence on taking OUR country downhill. 🙂 This is with full knowledge that I am a mortal speaking up against self appointed aristocrats.
      Patience is needed because PAP has full control of all public resources, enabling it to buy votes. It also controls a propaganda machine second only to North Korea’s.
      Since the question of PAP’s demise is not if but when, it is not impossible for external factors such as a prolonged global financial crisis to bring about its fall during this generation.
      All of us should be extremely concerned about the opaque and unaccountable PAP. Singaporeans can ill afford to sit back in silence with the mistaken notion that, somehow, others will speak up for us.
      Instead, we should believe that anyone of us could be the straw that breaks camel’s back.
      There’s a time for everything, including letting go. But now’s not the time. 🙂

  4. wongcheokwan says:

    Sorry Phillip, our gov machinery beats NORTH KOREA by miles.

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