20160516 PAP has no sense of compassion, engage in self promotion after minister down with stroke

After Minister Heng Swee Keat had collapsed on Thursday during a Cabinet meeting, the PAP, with the help of the sycophantic mainstream media, seized the opportunity to engage in subtle propaganda/self promotion.

In other democratic countries, citizens would just sent their well wishes or maybe pay him a visit and the government continues with its plan for contingencies: life goes on. In our unique country, opportunists even tried try to put themselves in PAP good books and the PAP went the extra mile to subtly promote the civil service.

PM Lee wasted no time in thanking the SCDF team for their professional response. But isn’t it their job to discharge their responsibilities professionally? Was it routine, something really so understanding that SCDF did or because it involved elites? I mean, if it was routine, then shouldn’t SCDF be in the news everyday? While I agree with PM Lee on SCDF’s professionalism, what I take issue with is the manner in which the government seizes every opportunity at subtle propaganda.

Recall former SCDF commissioner, Peter Lim, had brought shame to the organisation after being found guilty in his sex-for-contracts corruption trial in 2013. Was PM Lee trying to help SCDF earn back lost trust?

(I have a son in the SCDF and a lot of respect for their professionalism, especially those who risk their lives daily. But can’t say the same for PAP and the scholars parachuted into the organisation. )

After PM Lee had visited Minister Heng in hospital, he also commended the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI): “He (Heng) is in very good hands, like all patients at the NNI.” I have no doubt Minister Heng, being a minister, was in very good hands but all patients? Was there a survey conducted by NNI to confirm this or did PM Lee anyhow hantam?

In 2010, Mr Gary Tan underwent surgery at TTSH to remove a benign tumour from his brain. link (NNI is located within TTSH) According to Gary’s father, a doctor was summoned when his son’s fever rose to 41 deg C after the initial operation. The doctor turned up only 1 1/2 hours later and told him there was “nothing to worry”. Two years later, Gary remained a patient at the NNI and TTSH. Was Gary in very good hands?

This sort of own self praise own self propaganda has backfired after zero-transport-experience Minister Khaw declared the North-South line 100 days disruption free: 2 days later on 21 April, both the North-South and North-East lines were hit by a once in 50 years major disruption.

It appears every PAP minister feels entitled to some self-promotion. Another minister had not only shared PM Lee’s letter of appreciation (SCDF) but also credited skipped-NS MP Janil for saving Heng’s life. Minister Vivian also praised “(SCDF) SSG Janice Lee’s willingness to question Janil”.

Told you he liked a quick snooze on the job!
Image source: Redwire Times

Instead of stopping where he should, Vivian started talking cock by stating that this “shows that we are a society that doesn’t allow protocol or rank to get in the way of performance”. link How many in the civil service believe Vivian’s statement is true, keechiu!

During my 6 years in the military, I had not seen anyone who didn’t allow protocol or rank to get in the way of performance. Under PAP’s top down approach, Vivian should be aware that civil servants “just follow law” unless they have made preparations to leave for the private sector.

So are there teachers who dare to question the MOE minister on their poor work-life balance? Then why has this issue not been resolved after years? Why is the attrition rate of teachers so high despite a relatively good income?

Besides the opportunistic self promoters, Law Minister Shanmugam got emotional when a Raymond Tan on FB raised the question of a possible by-election . Shanmugam did the unthinkable by lambasting him and as must have been expected, followed through by hordes of PAP ‘Sir’ bootlickers. It’s a disgrace for a minister to have supporters who engage in name calling. Or maybe not because this is also PAP’s pastime?

Shanmugam: “Raymond Tan, I don’t know what sort of person you are. Have no sense of compassion and what is right and what is wrong? To ask about whether there will be by-election in the circumstances you mention (I can’t even bring myself to repeat your words?) Are these words people will even use? Do you not think about his wife and children?”

Is the timing really so bad as our high and mighty Law Minister would have us believe? So when is the ‘right’ time, if any?

In Singapore Inc, Minister Heng is likened to the CFO assisting CEO PM Lee. When the CFO has suffered a stroke, is the CEO going to simply assume all will be well, 100% no need to look for a replacement? It is a pertinent question which, if not asked by Raymond, would have already been raised within PAP.

If the learned Law Minister was uncomfortable with answering obvious questions, then at most he should have remained silent. After all, whenever I engage the government and it felt uncomfortable, or maybe embarrassed, to issue a response, it merely remained silent. Just follow protocol and there would have been no need for Shanmugam to get so emotional.

Shanmugam should have known by now a ‘condolence’ letter written by his boss to Kenneth J when J B Jeyaretnam passed away in 2008. PM Lee on JBJ: “used to engage in heated debates” in Parliament probably because “he and the PAP never saw eye to eye on any major political issue and he sought by all means to demolish the PAP and our system of government.Sgpolitics.net

Hello, Shanmugam. Like that got compassion or not?

PM Lee continued attacking a dead man by saying that this “helped neither to build up a constructive opposition nor our Parliamentary tradition“. In fact, the entire ‘condolence’ letter had only one objective – attack a dead man to score political points. Under such circumstances, could Shanmugam “bring (himself) to repeat (PM Lee’s) words?

It is a fact that PM Lee had displayed “no sense of compassion” and also did not know “what is right and wrong”. If Shanmugam was really bothered by Raymond’s question affecting Heng’s wife and children, he should be a gentleman and give his boss an earful because PM Lee had displayed zero compassion, as if JBJ wasn’t Kenneth’s father.

Talking cock is reserved for mere mortals like … heartlanders. A minister should exercise restraint and simply can’t afford to get personal with remarks made by members of the public. Including those in this post.

By seizing upon Minister Heng’s medical condition to engage in self-promotion and subtle propaganda, it is the cold and calculative PAP that has no sense of compassion.

As part of the PAP, Minister Heng has in a way helped to conceal tons of material information from the public. Although I may have taken issue with Heng’s role in the issue of transparency, as a fellow human being much unlike the compassionless PAP, I wish him a speedy recovery.

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4 Responses to 20160516 PAP has no sense of compassion, engage in self promotion after minister down with stroke

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  2. The says:

    On the one hand, Sham chided Raymond Tan for being insensitive and talking about death.

    On the other hand, the PM and retinue and the IRO bunch of religious leaders are giving prayers as if someone is gone.

    And praising Heng as a good son of Singapore – doesn’t this sound like an eulogy?

    What’s going on here?

    • Phillip Ang says:

      There’s really not much news on this little red dot so every PAP minister takes turn to create ‘news’. Blow up every issue, the bigger the better. Or else SPH may have to close shop.

  3. ANON says:

    Bravo, you expressed what I thought after reading those inane stuff from the natural aristocrats. Welcome to democarcy with Singapore characteristics.

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