20160504 Bukit Batok BE confirms PAP is jiak liao bee

Although Murali has said he is his own man, many people really doubt this. If he could stand his own ground, why the need for PAP MPs, ministers and even the PM to character assassinate his political opponent?

With the sycophantic PAP propaganda machine on Murali’s side, he will no doubt win over many voters. Hopefully, Bukit Batok residents are not easily bought over.

By now, BB voters should have already realised Murali has yet to take issue with Chee’s plans for Bukit Batok. Instead, Murali is able to win voters over with the help of the disgraceful Grace Fu (MCCY minister), Halimah Yacob (Speaker of Parliament) PM Lee, etc to viciously attack Chee’s character. But why keep attacking Chee’s past as if nothing has changed since 2 decades ago?:

Many Singaporeans also take issue with MCCY minister Grace Fu because she is not setting a good example for our community, especially our youth, because of her uncultured remarks. Worse, PM Lee own self tarnish own reputation when he stooped lower than disgraceful Grace by reaffirming what she had said earlier (watch video on The Independent).

Something must be damn wrong when PAP is unable to debate Chee to win over BB voters. By resorting to gutter politics, they reveal their true colours to the public: they are jiak liao bee politicians.

Does PAP have a good track record? It appears PAP doubts itself because it could have won over voters by allowing its track record to speak for itself. No need to keep sounding like a broken record, right?

With each passing day, Murali appears to be a weakling who needs million-dollar ministers to help him become an MP. Should he succeed, chances are he’ll be no different from his colleagues: another jiak-liao-bee MP.

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