20160428 A PAP-managed town council with PAP grassroots will not serve Bukit Batok residents

Dear Bukit Batok residents

I urge you to consider very carefully before voting for a part-time PAP MP. He can promise you heaven on earth before the election but once power is in his hands and $16k in his pocket, rest assured engagement is the last thing on his mind.

An unchecked PAP has never been accountable to residents and this is from my experience. A PAP MP will ignore you whenever possible and his grassroots will only work to help their political masters garner suppport. It’s an uphill task to engage them.

I have been providing feedback for more than a decade and am disappointed that many fell on deaf ears. Their responses are sometimes so absurd and self-insulting that you ‘don’t know what to say’. A PAP managed TC/grassroots will seek the easiest way out by frustrating you until you give up any hope of engaging them. Doing minimal work has always been their objective unless carrots are offered.

Let’s take a look at my straightforward feedback concerning RCs with signage bearing 2 different names. It is common sense that any organisation should only have one name. However, Pasir Ris residents are expected to accept Elias Rise RC = Pasir Ris Zone 12 RC, etc.

The unchecked PAP grassroots cooked up some story and said they were trying to help save some money: former RC names will be removed only during the 2016/2017 Neighbourhood Renewal Programme, 3 to 4 years after a renaming exercise. email Would any statutory board or company wait 3 to 4 years before having their former names removed? Why is the PAP MP unaware that many RCs continue to have 2 different names and signage misleading motorists for years?

A simple issue like this had to be highlighted to the CEO of PA before all the misleading signage were removed. No wonder other chronic issues have not been resolved! Is it productive to have to highlight simple issues to the head of an organisation?

Another issue concerns the wastage of residents’ S & CC: displaying the name of an RC hundreds of metres from its actual location.

(error – should read “Elias Rise RC”)

Although this was highlighted to the CEO of PA (email), he has remained indifferent and does not seem to know what’s happening on the ground. This was subsequently highlighted to the PMO 3 weeks ago but I am still awaiting a reply.

Not only have the PMO and PA been informed, TC Chairman PAP MP Sapari was aware of my feedback since 2 months ago. There’s obviously no reason for him to engage me in any meaningful way because he gains nothing from resolving the issue of wasting residents’ money.

By now, the TC should have already rectified its errors. (PA said installation done by TC) But PAP can’t afford to lose any face and so it has refused to do so.

Tens of thousands of dollars have been wasted but this is of course no issue to PAP: it is able to unilaterally increase our S & CC in future.

Let’s look at another issue – the unacceptable number of potential killer litter. This led me to question my TC and HDB on whether was there a regular visual inspection of HDB building facades. But the relevant authorities have refused to reply and I therefore conclude, like SMRT, there is no proper maintenance. Again, the PAP MP was obviously indifferent. Why should he be interested when he doesn’t face our issues?

With a proper inspection regime, would TC/HDB officers have missed large objects displayed regularly/permanently?



To PAP, serious injury/fatality must be inflicted on hapless residents before they act responsibly. This is a reality which we have already seen in NSF deaths, SMRT fatalities, victims of Hepatitis outbreak at SGH, etc.

Our S & CC has been increased recently and I wanted to find out if costs could be contained. I queried my town council on the funding of banners with MPs’ faces displayed – on every festive occasion. However, the TC has refused to answer a very simple question – who pays for the banners. I believe my TC has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of residents’ funds to print these banners. Shouldn’t PAP MPs pay out of their MP allowance instead of dipping into our funds to pay for banners to greet us? Will you ask a friend/relative to pay for the greeting card sent by you?

When you vote for PAP’s Murali, rest assured he will be no different from my TC Chairman or other PAP MPs. Bear in mind that he is willing to be only a part-time MP while pocketing almost $200,000 for a job which is assisted by taxpayer-funded PAP grassroots.

Vote Murali and what you will get is unaccountability in S & CC spending and poor estate maintenance. What do you expect from a part-timer, fair-weather loser who has deserted Aljuneid GRC residents?


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