20160425 Lelong, lelong … 1-year Indian MBA degree advertised on SPH portal only $230!

Ah Kow: Bro, got some good news. No need to listen to PAP productivity bullshit because we can double our pay.

Ahmad: Kow, you sure or not. Better don’t do anything illegal OK.

Kow: Trust me just one time – I really want to go back study and get MBA degree.
I don’t want my pay hentak kaki forever with my ITE cert. This MBA is online course so can work at the same time and also affordable, not like our HDB flats. Join me and I promise you won’t regret.

(Turning to Arumugam) Ahmad: You think Kow talking cock? Can turn on your laptop and confirm what he said?

(Pointing to advert at the bottom of SPH portal) Aru : See here, Kow referring to this MBA course by NIBM.


Source: Asiaone (note: advert changes, screenshot above)

Ahmad: But how to afford? 1 year course $7500!

Kow: Bro, see properly leh, it’s 7500 Indian rupees! I already check exchange rate about Singapore $1 = 50 rupees. 7500 rupees = $150! $150 can get MBA degree you don’t want meh?

Ahmad: NUS MBA $62k but yours only $150???

Kow: NIBM website say they provide all materials and save costs because all online. All the Indian ‘lecturers’ with funny accent earning low salaries, no school buildings and no maintenance costs. So I happy they pass on all the cost saving to students like me.

Ahmad: But cannot be true …

Kow: Of course it’s true la. 100% not degree mill because advertise onSingapore Press Holdings portal. Even SPH is government propaganda but got reputation OK. They sure got check NIBM properly before allow them to advertise.

Aru: OK, both of you don’t argue so much. Look at their website below.

Ahmad: Apa ini, 3 minutes can get admitted already? Just pay up? Kow, you better be careful. How come fees not $150 but increase to $230?

Kow: $150 for their locals or residents la. Foreigners different price. But you know one thing good about this online uni, they very flexible. For busy future executives like you and me, we can go for the “Fast Track Course”. From 1 year can reduce to 6 months. Just pay another $100.

Aru: Bro, something not right here. If this is degree mill and you get caught …

Kow: Don’t worry too much la. This one not degree mill, not the same as the Indian lady Nisha’s Southern Pacific University.

Kow: Anyway, she kena caught, IDA also defended her right? Government so relaxed, I actually plan to apply for government job after I get my MBA. Can try to apply job at IDA because everyone forget this case already.

Ahmad: Aru, I think maybe Kow is right. Advertisement on SPH portal cannot be from degree mill. OK, Kow, after you admitted to NIBM, teach us something about business. We discuss this another day. Good luck bro.

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