20160422 What is the role and remuneration of an offshore company director?

ICIJ database on Singapore has an old list of some 4918 “officers and master clients”. The list consists of Singaporeans, Indonesians, Chinese, Indians, Ang Mohs, etc with offshore companies incorporated in Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Panama, etc. Ex paper general Ng Jui Ping and Loh Chin Hua (Kepcorp CEO) are among familiar names on the list. What I would like to know is their roles and remunerations in these offshore entities.

ICIJ: ”There are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts. We do not intend to suggest or imply that any persons, companies or other entities included in the ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database have broken the law or otherwise acted improperly.”

When I clicked on ex paper general, it shows his relationship to:
– Enjuvenate Ventures Ltd and Tiptronic Technologies Inc and a listed address at “1 Dunsfold Drive Singapore”.

“Enjuvenate Ventures Ltd” and “Tiptronic Technologies Inc” (green circle) shows his link, directly or indirectly, to people and companies in a sort of spider web (below).

Next, I Googled “1 Dunsfold Drive Singapore” and it turned out to be a big bungalow many times my HDB flat. Could it be ex paper general’s residence? No wonder most Singaporeans force their children to study hard.

Another familiar name “Loh Chin Hua” popped up 3 times. He must be current Keppel Corp’s CEO because of the relationship to “Zattara”, one of KepCorp’s subsidiaries.

Loh’s ‘spider web’, from 1999 to 2002, is even more complex than ex paper general’s and I gave up trying to figure out this huge mess. Could someone explain to a layman like me?

Why was Loh listed as a director of 7 units of Holland Hill Mansions Condominium, all offshore entities. On the list below, all held their directorships for only 10 months.

Unit #06-16” has 11 directors since 1999, including Loh. (Note: resignation and appointment dates of Lim Hwee Chiang appears to be reversed)

“Unit #05-16” (below) has the same directors as the unit above. (Note: Lim Hwee Chiang’s appointment and resignation on same dates correct? Kelvin Ngo was a director for less than 5 months?)

Holland Hill Mansions Condominium Unit #05-16 Limited

How much were these directors paid? What were their roles?


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1 Response to 20160422 What is the role and remuneration of an offshore company director?

  1. Xmen says:

    It makes little sense for someone with only a few million dollars to go through the trouble and great expense to set up these offshore entities. So we are talking about a minimum of tens of millions of USD here (US$30m+?). It would be interesting to find out if the people on the list have that kind of wealth based on their earnings. Many western countries are going through the list to look for potential tax dodgers and criminals. Eastern countries like Russia and China just brush aside the Panama Papers as western conspiracy. What is the Singapore’s position? Do Singaporeans even care?!

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