20160412 Singaporeans should not be distracted from real issues by the monkey

Ah Kow: Wa circus come to Singapore leow. You all read about the monkey creating trouble?

Ahmad: Better be careful OK? Anyhow call the PM wife monkey she will get Aunty Sue to drop your pants.

Ah Kow: I not referring to Ho Ching OK. You think she look like it meh? Haha. I mean the monkey photo she post up la. This one.

This is the monkey photo I referring to. This is the real Ho Ching.

Aru: This issue now big hoo-hah because she posted the middle-finger monkey when PM Lee was ‘quarreling’ with his sister in public. Who you think monkey pointing finger at?

Ah Kow: She trying to show her power. Some more talk cock so much on her FB pretend to apologise but damn sarcastic. Say Twitter malfunction but Singaporeans not stupid OK. Nobody believe her. (Pointing to comments on Aru’s laptop) “whatever that has been posted by the whiter than white accounts are not their fault. It’s either the fault of FB, Twitter or Administrators”, “sorry to say it very Lame madam it very malu”, “speechless for the excuse”, “what rubbish? Testing out Twitter need to use a photo of a monkey pointing middle finger?!”….

Aru: Can this type of CEO be trusted with managing more than $200 billion of our reserves?

Ahmad: Actually why she want to do it?

Aru: Because Lee Wei Ling, PM’s sister, not happy the government spend taxpayers’ money on another round of LKY propaganda only 1 year after he died. Last year already spend more then $100 million; this money can help thousands of needy Singaporeans.

Ah Kow: But I read PM was “deeply saddened by sister’s charge of abuse of power right”?

Aru: Bro, when you read news from propaganda machine, you must also think la. If PM Lee really “saddened”, will he call his sister a liar by claiming that Wei Ling’s assertions were “completely untrue”? Only an idiot will believe the MSM nowadays.

Ah Kow: Ya hor. I get it. Thanks bro.

Aru: PM not only angry about abuse of power comment but also because she called him a “dishonorable son” and said he was trying to “establish a dynasty”.

Ah Kow: Wa lau, you all think LKY will get up from his grave after his son call sister liar and sister said PM was a dishonorable son?

Aru: Of course not la. LKY said even from his sickbed when about to lower into the grave he will get up if he feels something is not right. Now cremated already – not on sickbed – how to get up?

Ahmad: Bro, what you think is really happening?

Aru: I think all this is just wayang to make us forget about our brothers who died because SMRT safety protocols were dangerous, Benjamin Lim who committed suicide after police took him from school for interview, SAF officers promoted after found guilty of negligence, non disclosure of material information in 8 Hepatitis C deaths, etc. Singaporeans must focus on holding PAP accountable.

Ahmad: One more big news is the Panama Papers. I read Malaysia news and they say their ex PM want to publish “Apanama Papers” to expose their local politicians.

Aru: Bro, you don’t become a joke like PAP scholars la. No such thing as “Apanama Papers”, OK.

Ahmad: Pai-seh. I thought this is real.

Aru: OK, we will talk about the real Panama Papers next time we meet. But remember to tell your friends not to be distracted by the monkey and propaganda. If we don’t hold the government accountable, we or our children could be the next collateral damage.

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3 Responses to 20160412 Singaporeans should not be distracted from real issues by the monkey

  1. wongcheokwan says:

    Who is more faithfull ? The caregiver or the politician ?

  2. Lizard says:

    Primate – short for Prime minister Mate.

  3. sinkie says:

    Most sinkies don’t give a shit about these things or other sinkies. They just interested in collecting more money and having good time. They only wake up when bad things happen to them. So in order for change to happen, we should pray very hard for more of such things happening, the worser the betterer.

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