20160409 WTF are PAP ministers talking about?

MOM Minister Lim Swee Say has boldly proclaimed “Employment Pass criteria tightened to favour Singaporean Core”.

Armed with a PHD in TKSS, Lim has decided to confuse Singaporeans with terms such as “double weak company” and “triple weak companies”. Hopefully, he will be able to take some heat off the government which has failed to improve productivity since 3 decades ago.

Lim claims that if such companies are irrelevant to Singapore’s economy and society, their work pass privileges could be suspended.

According to Lim, 100 double/triple weak companies have been served notices. Whether these numbers are plucked from thin air or actual action taken will result in benefitting Singaporeans is anybody’s guess. But it is likely Lim means the opposite of what he said.

This is because his cabinet colleague, Minister Keechiu Chan, has already contradicted his definition of “Singaporean Core”. Says Keechiu Chan: “Singaporean core does not mean Singaporeans only”. Hmm.. does PAP core consist of PAP members only or does it include opposition members?

Soon, our jiak-liao-bee MPs may need to debate the definition of “Singaporean core” in Parliament.

To sum up:
Since the Singaporean core consists of foreigners, TKSS Lim is merely stating the obvious, ie Employment Pass criteria will be tightened to favour foreigners as well. Singaporeans would do well not to allow themselves to be confused/fooled by our “quadruple weak” ministers.

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2 Responses to 20160409 WTF are PAP ministers talking about?

  1. sinkie says:

    The most obvious is that “Singaporean core” will definitely also include at least PRs. Maybe those E-pass who have been working for >5 yrs in S’pore will also be considered as S’pore core becoz to PAP, these foreigners have shown dedication to S’pore & ability to adapt to S’pore worklife & society. Nevermind the fact that these foreigners couldn’t care 2 hoots about S’pore and that the only reason they’re here is that they are earning 10X-20X what they are able to get in their home countries.

    Sia Suay is indeed the master of TKSS — he has now added a 3rd criteria to the previous 2 criteria for this so-called new approach to foreign manpower. Now the 3 criteria are: (1) percentage of “singaporeans” in the company, (2) proof of company efforts to train up “singaporeans” in the company & promote them to higher-pay and more senior positions, (3) whether the company contributes to “strategic thrust” for S’pore. This 3rd criterion is actually a red herring.

    Sia Suay has already said in Parliament and quoted in the newspapers / on TV, that S’pore will only restrict E-pass for companies that FAIL ALL 3 criteria. I.E. must be triple-weak instead of just double-weak. In other words, PAP now makes it harder for companies to lose their privileges to hire E-pass.

    I think 99% of Sinkies don’t realise that the above actually happened in the last few days. This is what happens when you give PAP mandate from heaven to walk all over Sinkies.

    What does this triple-weak criteria mean for Sinkies??? It means business as usual for banks, IT companies, engineering companies, etc because although these companies have low % of Sinkies, and they may not bother with training Sinkies for their higher-pay positions, PAP will STILL NOT restrict E-pass for them, becoz financial, ICT, engineering industries all contribute “strategically” to S’pore.

    Now which are the type of industries that don’t really contribute to Singapore’s strategic future that may fail all 3 criteria and have their E-pass privileges restricted??? I can think of cleaning industry, F&B industry, retail industry, nursing home industry — basically a lot of low-paying industries. But in the first place, how many E-pass positions (>=$3,300 salary) such industries have?!?

    Hence this new triple-weak criteria serves only to maintain the status quo i.e. no change to high-paying industries that Sinkies can be trained & employed in, and also no change to low-paying industries that all along don’t really have much E-pass positions and that most Sinkies won’t join unless starving.

  2. Steven says:

    interesting insight. never thought how the 3rd criteria could impact the Singaporean workforce.

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