20160315 Minister Chan should not TKSS

I refer to “PAP took ‘’decisive action’ on ex-MP David Ong: Chan Chun Sing”.

Was PAP MP David Ong serving “residents to the best of his abilities” while he was screwing another taxpayer-funded colleague for 6 months? Chan Chun Sing must be trying to stretch the public’s imagination.

The public can see very clearly the morality preached by PAP has never been practised by its own members. PAP men are mere mortals and wearing white is merely its projection of a desired but unattainable image.

PAP is made up of members who succumb to temptation as easily as the next person.

Chan Chun Sing should learn to think before speaking and not assume Singaporeans are stupid. David resigned and PAP was forced to accept his resignation. Does being forced to accept an MP’s resignation constitute “decisive action”?

Chan’s foolish attempt to contain the damage is actually causing more embarrassment to David’s and Wendy’s family as the public remains focused on the issue. Isn’t it better for Chan not to TKSS?

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