20160228 MOE (acting) minister only knows how to copy and paste, ignores real issues

(Turning on his laptop) Arumugam: Here we go again – another jiak-liow-bee minister got idea from Japan and Taiwan for students to do area cleaning in schools. Million dollar paid to learn copy and paste approach.

Ah Kow: Aiyah what you expect. Acting MOE minister Ng Chee Meng was Chief of Defence Force, another army scholar. He maybe quite impress with area cleaning during army and air force days la. So his first contribution to MOE: area cleaning. Ha ha. Guess what is his second contribution?

Ahmad: Don’t know leh. Maybe some kind of military ranking system in schools? HOD given title from captain to colonel? Principal is one-/two-/three-stars general? Introduce detention barracks?

Ah Kow: This 3-star general don’t play play OK. Generals in other countries work si peh hard to rise through the ranks but stars can multiply like nobody business on our generals shoulders. Can study OK leow.

Aru: PAP system is a big joke. All his life in the military and just because he is yes man, he can immediately become a minister. He knows nothing about education. In fact he will want to continue with the status quo.

Ah Kow: Ya hor. The system is perfect for him so why change a perfect system? When he join the army, top post already guarantee if he never cock up big time and master only one word: “yes”. When he was junior officer, so many superior also sa-kah him he must think highly of himself. Our education system surely damn good one. Change for what?

Ahmad: Some more not real minister, only acting one. Ha ha.

Aru: He is not qualified to be minister so now only on probation. But sure pass one. Then when become minister, mainstream media can heap praises on him one more time.

Ah Kow: I also know he like to joke and tell everyone we got powerful weapon can “one shot, one kill”. He cannot tell difference between training and real war meh?

Ahmad: Same as SPF la, also got weapons but what happened when they need it?

Ah Kow: Aiyah, you don’t know meh. Singapore everything need black and white. If SOP never say can use weapon, book smart leaders will just follow law. I not say must kill foreigners but one warning shot the rioters run back to India already. So got weapon for what?

Aru: The real issue at MOE is a lot of teachers are quitting because of work overload. And it’s not teaching but admin and other non teaching work. A lot of passionate teachers have left but Ng of course still in the dark. This joker’s priority: area cleaning!

Ahmad: All they can think of is throwing money to increase salary but the real problem still not solved. (Sigh). Not everyone like PAP and affiliates so money face all the time la.

Aru: The other issue is Benjamin Lim’s suicide. The case did not require Ben to be arrested by 5 police officers in school and the school failed to protect him. Worse, after Ben’s interview at the police station, the bloody school counselor informed his parents that he was not permitted to attend Sec 3 camp.

Ah Kow: You sure 100% we can blame the government?

Aru: Common sense la. Would Ben have committed suicide if:

1 5 police officers did not show up at school to arrest him?
2 He was held without an adult for more than 4 hours by the police?
3 His school did not release him to the police?
4 His school had allowed him to attend Sec 3 camp?

Ahmad: I can say for sure he would not have killed himself.

Aru: One life has been lost but MOE (not just acting but acting blur) minister has remained silent after 1 month. Where is the leadership or maybe it’s leadershit?

Ahmad: Our system is a dam sia sway one. Got problems ministers become deaf and dumb. Everyone only know how to claim credit.

Ah Kow: Of course la, this problem not their problem. If something happen to future white horses, you think need to go to police station meh? You think the school principal dare to release ministers’ children to the police? Everything not affect them and wealthy people, they bo chap.

Aru: Now the government wants to wayang in parliament: all the questions have nothing to do with accountability. PAP is never wrong. It is the people who are wrong because they are stupid to vote for such a system. Most people can’t see they have been divided by PAP and regain their eyesight only after something bad has happened to them. A country of book smart morons have no empathy for the victims of PAP system.

Ah Kow: K, bro. Now I understand how our system kill Benjamin Lim. I promise to educate all my brothers and sisters through social media.

Aru: Thanks bro. Anything you can help in our no-justice system will not bring Ben back but at least provide some closure for his dad, mum and sister.

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2 Responses to 20160228 MOE (acting) minister only knows how to copy and paste, ignores real issues

  1. Lemonade says:

    use first person narrative should bring the message across better

  2. Sinkie says:

    Japan & Taiwan?!?! Hope PAP is not emulating the long-stagnant economies of these 2 countries. Say what you will, but the individualistic, child-centred education of the West and even in many Asian countries like Philippines, Burma, Indonesia, etc have been more proven to develop independent, self-driven, go-against-the-grain young adults. Not the society-conforming, rule-abiding robots of yesteryear. These type of citizens you need if you want to have 10-million strong army or 100-million strong factory workers working under strict scientific management-style.

    And at the end of the day, even Taiwan & Japan provides much better welfare & support to their poor, jobless or handicapped citizens. They also have the luxury of land for poorer people to stay in low-cost areas or small towns/smaller cities. In Singapore, there is no such benefits. And PAP runs S’pore like a corporation — either you perform, meet your targets & bring in the profits, or you’re fired i.e. struggling to live a hellish life in high-cost you-die-your-biz city-state. Foreigners can be brought in with impunity to replace you, since like a corporation, citizenship doesn’t matter — only how much cost-savings and/or profits can a person bring.

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