20160223 National service: Time to reduce/abolish discriminatory conscription tax

National service is a form of tax which discriminates against male citizens. Since there’s a real financial loss, NS is akin to a conscription tax (CT) levied on male Singaporeans.

An 18-year old could easily earn $1500 a month in the private sector. Including employer CPF contribution of 17%, the amount he earns in 2 years = 26 months (13th month pay) X $1755 = $45630 (excluding bonuses)

What about the huge difference in rank pay based merely on academic qualifications? Why should there be a huge difference (double) when everyone sacrifices the same 2 years? True sacrifice – more capable conscripts take up positions of higher responsibility but receive a similar allowance. Is this elitist system acceptable?

Assuming one only makes corporal in 2 years, the total allowance is $630 X 24 months = $15120. (should be earning less but for ease of calculation, ignore the lower allowances of a recruit, private and LCP) His CT is therefore $45630 – $15120 = $30510

As for an officer, his allowance jumps from $560 to $840 after only 3 months. While he is merely learning the ropes, he is paid a higher allowance than an NCO who is shouldering more responsibilities.

During the first year (recruit and officer cadet), his total allowance is about $9240 ($560 X 3 + $840 X 9). A 2LT rank in year 2 would have earned him another $12960 ($1080 X 12), a total of $22200. His CT is therefore $39000 – $22200 = $23430.

NSFs do not pay the same amount of CT. The majority of ordinary citizens pay more than $30000 while officers, pay about $23000 or $7000 less. (most white horses are officers, enjoy video @link)

Who says white horse got no privileges, keechiu!

Including at least 3 to 6 months in limbo pre-enlistment and after ORD, the CT is much higher than $30000 for NCOs. What about other costs such as the disruption to NSFs’ social life, career of NS men, etc.

To PAP, all these don’t matter. It also doesn’t matter even if NSFs from lower income families are not able to contribute financially, especially those facing hardship. To show our love and loyalty to Singapore, die die must serve NS.

In this age and time, Serve NS = Loyalty? = Zero Logic = Bullshit.

NS = CT = Financial loss of more than $30000 per ordinary citizen.

The amount is of course loose change for the wealthy and white horses and it’s obvious PAP is not bothered. Without more than 40000 conscripts, these white donkeys/scholars will never make general.

If given the choice, only a fraction of citizens would want to sacrifice 2 years to serve NS. This has nothing to do with being not loyal or not loving one’s country.

Do we really need 40000 conscripts and more than half a million NS men? Pray tell in which planning scenario will more than half a million NSFs and NSMen be activated.

PAP should not engage citizens with nonsensical arguments and propaganda. It’s about time to revamp/abolish NS to maintain its relevance.

I have the following suggestions:

1 Since white horses will become future leaders, they should lead by example, show their loyalty and love for Singapore by requesting to extend their NS.
2 Those who claim boys turn into men only after enlistment should put their money where their mouth is – let their children become more manly by insisting on extending conscription.
3 Parents who claim that they learn skills useful for civilian job employment should convince their children to extend NS as long as possible.
4 Those who believe NS instills discipline and values should extend conscription to become more disciplined and learn more values.

None of the above will ever happen even if NS is allowed to be extended. But, sadly, many citizens have been turned into parrots after being repeatedly carpet bombed by PAP’s propaganda machine.

There is no basis to maintain an oversized armed forces on our little red dot. A well-equipped professional army can do the job many times better than thousands of demoralised NSFs.

Why continue to spend hundreds of millions on logistics for NSFs, limited medical resources on unmotivated soldiers, etc. Abolishing NS is a win-win situation for citizens and our country.

The government should not engage in an NSF numbers game as if it has not heard of this word – ‘m_i_s_s_i_l_e_s’. Why continue to spend billions on yearly weapons upgrade? Are these costly weapons a deterrent or merely for show? Aren’t social and economic costs are far too great to be ignored?

National service requires enormous financial sacrifice by male citizens: it is therefore a form of tax on male Singaporeans.

There is no justification for our youths to pay such an unreasonably high tax before entering the workforce. It’s about time to abolish the discriminatory conscription tax.

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1 Response to 20160223 National service: Time to reduce/abolish discriminatory conscription tax

  1. mre says:

    Solely on the point of NS allowance, how do you encourage positive behaviour without reward? Even self-claimed communist systems do not adopt such a model anymore.

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