20160222 Stupid idea from book smart SPF scholars

Ah Kow: Bro, you all notice or not. “Police officers” stationed at every shopping centre nowsaday. I think the SPF employ more than 10,000 police officers last 2 years.

Ahmad: You joking la. You mean the stupid idea cardboard policemen right?

Arumugam: I know what you mean. Today when I went to Giant for breakfast, one police officer hi five me near the escalator. Then just before the food court, another one also standing outside the supermarket.

After I sat down to eat, one staring at me. Sia, dam irritating see the same guy all the time.

Ahmad: I go to the other Giant also the same. But this time got some camouflage, not easy to see him.

Sheng Siong lagi pandai, they now move the position of their officer and hide in one corner.

Aru: Tampines mall also got one outside Isetan ..

..Popular bookshop and other places.

Ah Kow: I notice hor, they write in English but foreign workers can read meh?

Ahmad: I think they target Singaporeans la. PRCs and many foreigners cannot read English. The government/SPF always know how to bully Singaporeans only. Of course they dare not target Indians because afraid got another Little India riot kena run and hide again.

Ah Kow: Ha ha. They dam sia sway. But the police officer also very patient explain to Singaporeans “Punishment for shop theft jail term which may extend to 7 years; a fine; or both”. You think people who want to steal scared meh?

Ahmad: Talk about bully citizens, many people very angry about the 14-year old boy commit suicide. Sia, small boy also they must sent 5 police officers to school to arrest him.

Aru: You should know who first started using the police to intimidate citizens. They not only want to frighten a little boy but anyone who witness the scene, including adults and teachers, will also be scared of the police. Instead of serving the people, the police want to instill fear in us. They forgot it’s the people paying their salaries, not PAP.

Ah Kow: I also very angry with police for pushing the boy to kill himself. Now want to wayang about review also no point leow, cannot bring him back to his sad parents.

Aru: I have been thinking about Ben’s death for some time and you know I never use vulgar language on anyone. But this time, I really want to say “fuck you SPF” for not using your bloody brains, for causing grief to Ben’s loved ones and taking his life.

Ahmad: OK bro, I understand how you feel because I also want to scold the SPF in Malay. Next day then talk about this OK. Now we discuss the stupid scholar idea first.

Aru: The idea is not only stupid, SPF is shooting itself in the foot. Tourists who come to Singapore will think the crime rate is very high. Even our airport got a lot of these unpaid police officers.

Ah Kow: One more thing I see is SPF scholar can even think of idea how to let the world know they are working very hard. Go everywhere can see they catch so many thieves leow. Near Tampines MRT station they arrested 19 thieves inside Tampines Mall.

On the other side of the track, say catch 32 thieves. Add all the figures, must be thousands arrested on our little red dot.

Ahmad: You know the worst is at Giant – past than 6 months, nearly 50 thieves kena caught!

Ah Kow: Sure anot. So many Singaporeans become thief meh?

Ahmad: Look at the sign below – put up by SPF and don’t anyhow say I say OK.

Aru: A lot of foreigners live in the dorm near Giant. I don’t think most are locals.

Ahmad: Even near HDB blocks also got these signs. How come rich country got so many people want to steal cheap things?

Aru: Singapore is not really a rich country because the government only knows how to make money from the people.

Ah Kow: Everything kena stolen, even bicycles the police want to let the whole world know! Like that at every void deck in Pasir Ris must also put up sign because thousands of bicycles have been stolen. Maybe next time my grandmother underwear stolen they also want to put up sign announce to the world? Not pai-seh meh?


Aru: Actually SPF is shorthanded but they try to impress the public there’s no manpower shortage. From 2009 to 2014, the population increased by almost 500,000. Guess what is the increase in SPF headcount? Almost ZERO.

Ah Kow: Cannot be leh.

Ahmad: What cannot be. Government very consistent one. Every cost can cut, they will cut. This year, Uncle Leong found out hospital beds increased by 997 but population increased by 1,440,000.

Ah Kow: Knn, no wonder public hospital patients kena wait more than 1 year for appointment and sleep along corridors.

Aru: And don’t forget MRT really cannot increase capacity so government no choice increase frequency. So they create regular breakdowns during peak hours but they still say compared to other countries our MRT is OK. Ahmad is right about government trying to cut cost by ‘employing’ thousands of cardboard police officers. SPF has become a joke with scholars running the show.

What the book smart SPF scholar does is throw taxpayers’ money to make the signs/cardboard policemen and government is happy with this approach because it increases our GDP. At the end of the day, this stupid idea doesn’t help one bit.

Ah Kow: Ya hor, if got effect, other countries already do long time ago. I hope Singaporeans are clever enough to see this is a really stupid idea from book smart SPF scholars. Even I not so clever also know.

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1 Response to 20160222 Stupid idea from book smart SPF scholars

  1. Qiao Zhi says:

    Interesting to find out if the cardboard cop could do what real live ones can’t. lol.
    But I think, in tandem, the outlets must have been upping their vigilance for shop lifters.

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