20160219 Elected or selected presidency, both a waste of tax dollars

With the Presidential Election due in 2 years’ time, the PAP government has arbitrarily decided to review the eligibility criteria of potential candidates. (“Three aspects of elected presidency to be reviewed: PM Lee”)

One of the 3 areas to be reviewed is “how to ensure that minorities have a chance to be elected to office”. PAP appears to be worried about a non PAP candidate becoming president and, under the pretext of trying to ensure minorities get a fair chance, it wants to select its own president. Holding a PE based on race is farcical at best. When it comes to an election, “regardless of race, language and religion..” seems to have been conveniently forgotten.

Similar to the GRC system, the rules of the game will be rewritten to PAP’s advantage. This is not unlike Turkmenistan president who has rewritten the constitution to let him rule for life

Singaporeans have been asking if we even need to have a president who performs a largely ceremonial role but commands a CEO salary. Seriously, what is best remembered about former president Nathan besides his presence at charity events?

Recall Nathan was sleeping on his responsibilities and somehow wasn’t aware of the number of times our reserves had been used. Nathan did not come cheap and was earning $3.87 million in 2008, inclusive of a 19-month bonus.

But the highest salary paid to Nathan was actually $4.27 million . Nathan, aka “prata man” online, cost taxpayers $17,000 per day.

Assuming his pay averaged $3 million annually over his 12-year presidency, $36 million had gone down the drain to feed a president who was sleeping on our reserves. As president, Nathan did not even have to think much: when it came to decision making on a host of issues, he had to consult the cabinet or the Council of Presidential Advisers.

That the president’s salary was subsequently reduced to $1.54 million confirms Nathan had been overpaid by up to $2.7 million for his ceremonial role. The tens of millions wasted on a sleeping Nathan could have been channeled to needy Singaporeans.

On the current president, Tony Tan, he could not have won the election (35.2%) without the support of our servile mainstream media and grassroots. The results actually confirms Tony’s, aka KFC, unpopularity with 64.8% of voters. Without PAP’s propaganda machine, Tony would likely have been unpopular with more than 80% of voters.

At more than 5000 tax dollars a day, Tony is still overpaid for his ceremonial role. This is a huge waste of tax dollars.

PAP is rewriting the eligibility criteria of potential candidates in order to entrench its power. By selecting a president of its choice, there will be no Ong Teng Cheongs to demand transparency on our reserves from an unaccountable government.

However, most Singapore would agree that we don’t need more Nathans and Tonys, figureheads and clowns who only ‘jiak liao bee’.

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2 Responses to 20160219 Elected or selected presidency, both a waste of tax dollars

  1. Xmen says:

    It is interesting to note that two of the most powerful nations in the world, U.S. and Germany, have a black President and a woman Chancellor respectively. They accomplish it without racial and gender quotas. So why do we need to “ensure” that minorities get elected into office? Has our education system failed us? Is our society so racist and sexist that it can’t elect a non-Chinese male as a PM?

  2. abpap says:

    make mo mistake ong teng cheong is a pap man. throughout his 5 year term, he didnt raise any significant issues. at end of his term, msm went full stream to protray him as a effective check against the govt even tho he is an ex-pap man. He was a minister during operation spectrum days. did he raise any concerns?

    otc lay the foundation for men like tan cheng bock. tan jee say and tam kin lian have been criticizing the pap govt online. tcb is a quiet as a mouse. i bet to my last dollar tat pap will get tcb in for the next PE just to dilute any non-pap candidate’s votes.

    Sporeans are really gullible lot. or dadt as we are called. Question everything u read on the Straits Times

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