20160218 PAP Zainal Sapari’s low-wage wayang

Ah Kow: Bro, you think ST say about labour MPs “raising concerns behind closed doors” is true?

Ahmad: Hello, Kow, you OK or not. Singapore where got any workers’ union? Mana ada labour MP?

(Turning on his laptop) Arumugam: OK, look at ST article – all propaganda. ST just trying to make Singaporeans feel shiok a bit – MPs in the past all deaf and dumb but suddenly one can find his voice after cleaning hardened wax from his ears.

Ah Kow: But you read here “..outspoken NTUC asst. sec-gen Zainal Sapari yesterday hit out at businesses that …”.

Ahmad: Ha ha, who say MP Zainal Sapari is “outspoken”? You bodoh or what? ST praising PAP MP propaganda you still cannot tell?

Aru: Ahmad is right. Sapari started his career as a teacher and he knows nothing about labour relations before becoming a politician. All PAP politicians parachuted in only pretend they know cause got no relevant experience. PAP did not want to have a minimum wage model because it will expose hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans living hand to mouth and unable to retire. Zainal lobbied for PAP’s Progressive Wage Model but it has achieved …. kosong!

Ah Kow: Bro, you see the ST article also say “Outsourcing has led to market failure, contributing to the depression and stagnation of wages of many low-wage workers such as cleaners, security officers, to name a few”.

Ahmad: You born yesterday or what? Sapari only saying what everybody know long time ago la. This one Uncle Leong say for many years already.

Aru: The stagnation and depression started in the 1990’s when Sapari was in the MOE. Was he concerned? Did he highlight this to the government before becoming an MP? Must have MP title and MP allowance then can show some concern?

Ah Kow: OK, OK. He also say his aunt was car park attendant earn $1,877 in today’s money when she retired but wardens nowsaday can earn only $1000 to $1200.

Ahmad: Bro, if he dare to tell people the truth, he should just say low wages is because of PAP open leg policy!

Aru: Yes, Ahmad is right. All this caused by PAP but they try to blame others for their failure. ST earlier says Zainal “hit out at businesses” but Zainal later says “the majority of businesses are not demons exploiting their outsourced workers ..”. So that means Zainal was actually hitting out at a few businesses but ST try to talk big for Zainal.

Ah Kow: Wa lau eh. Zainal also suan Peter Drucker for saying “Do what you do best and outsource the rest”.

Aru: By the way, PAP has been doing exactly what Peter Drucker said. PAP trying to outsource every job but theirs/affiliates.

WTF, PAP keeps talking about $50/$60 pay hikes as if this will make a big difference to low wage workers. There should be NO jobs paying below $2000 in super high cost Singapore if we want to retire comfortably.

Ahmad: Kow, I also know most companies don’t follow PAP guidelines. So PAP keep TKSS. By the time low wage workers earn $2000 in SG100, then the cost of living will also increase and the minimum wage should be $3000.

Aru: Yes, Ahmad is right. PAP cannot increase low wages after enacting laws to depress wages. If a minimum wage of $1500 is fixed, then those currently earning $1500 will be earning, say, $2000. A $2000 admin staff will then be earning $2500 and so on. It will set off a chain reaction which will raise labour costs and expose PAP’s tiger-to-kitten economy.

Ahmad: (sigh) I think PAP will continue to depress wages, wayang and give up some peanuts assistance. Singaporeans can complain about low pay and if don’t want to work ….

Ah Kow: I know – PAP use excuse we don’t want to work, very lazy and employ foreign trash!

Aru: You hit the jackpot. PAP has been doing this for 2 decades and will not change because 70% of daft citizens voted to screw our low wage brothers.

Ah Kow: I talk to you all I learn a lot today. At first I don’t know this is propaganda but now I know.

Aru: Zainal is good at wayang, almost reach Hara Kiri standard. After everything he has said, he will still have no solution by the time his MP term ends. This Mat, sorry not you bro, just trying to sound intelligent by saying obvious things.

Ah Kow: OK, bro. We got to go now. Talk about other wayangs next time we meet.

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