20160207 No justice with a bullying police force

There are exceptional rank and file police officers in the SPF. However, there is too much rot at the top because its leaders have sold their souls to the devil in exchange for unaccountability to advance their careers.

On 26 January, 5 police officers were assigned to bring 14-year old Benjamin Lim to Ang Mo Kio police station. (WTF, why don’t send a battalion, surround the school as well?) Soon after reaching home, he jumped to his death from his 14th floor room. For unbiased coverage on this tragedy, read other articles @ TOC.

For Singaporeans who still harbour some hope of the SPF showing some compassion, rest assured this will never happen under PAP. SPF’s objective is to serve PAP, a political party, and not citizens.

Without a doubt, the SPF contributed directly to Benjamin’s suicide. Remove SPF from the equation and the tragedy would have been avoided.

Bullying tactics by the SPF originated decades ago to entrench PAP, then under Lee Kuan Yew, in power. The excessive show of force sends a clear signal to ordinary citizens that anyone could be next. Shortly after Benjamin’s suicide, there was another bullying case where a person with dementia “was forced to confess to an offence by police”.

But when it came to a more powerful force, all our police officers could do was run and hide, ie Little India riot. (link to videos here) It’s a bloody shame and disgrace for armed police officers to flee instead of protecting the public and public property.

Any reasonable person, after watching the videos, can be assured of one thing: the SPF can only offer protection during fine weather. (to police officers who are doing their job well, please don’t take offence)

So it is not unexpected that the SPF has continued to project its ‘power’ by victimising citizens. Unfortunately, Benjamin will not be the last.

SPF has tried to assuage public outrage by stating it would be reviewing its SOPs. An issue of accountability is again blamed on wrong SOPs, as in the Little India riot? This is cold comfort to Benjamin’s family and friends.

Three things which SPF must do to bring some closure:
– issue an apology
– sack the Commissioner of Police
– compensate Benjamin’s family.

If Benjamin were my child, I will definitely take legal action against the SPF. No lessons are learnt when incompetent civil servants are always let off the hook, eg former Commissioner of Police, Ng Joo Hee, has been promoted to PUB CEO.

It has been suggested by a TOC commenter that funds be raised for legal fees due to financial constraints on Benjamin’s family. I have written to TOC and confirmed my contribution of $100 if TOC undertakes this fund raising.

There’s blood on the hands of the 5 police officers, more on SPF’s. They should personally apologise to Benjamin’s parents and quit the SPF.

The PAP government should not trivialise the tragedy by deflecting the issue into one of police protocols, ie “MPs, experts laud police review of interview process involving minors”. PAP should come clean and not engage in propaganda to cover up the loss of life.

The objective of our politicised SPF is to serve their political master, PAP. Unless this changes, the review of police protocols will be another meaningless exercise. One should not expect any justice when those upholding the law are able to bully powerless citizens.

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5 Responses to 20160207 No justice with a bullying police force

  1. James says:

    What to do? Singaporeans refuse to acknowledge the direct correlation between firstly, inappropriate SOP and unaccountability; secondly, betweeen unaccountability and abuse of power; thirdly, between abuse of power and absolute power; fourthly, between absolute power and an overwhelming majority in Parliament.

    This is exactly what 70% of the citizens have voted for and they still refuse to admit it. I can imagine the anguish of Benjamin’s father and my heart goes out to him. Whether his son was guilty or not of molestaton is irrelevant to the way he was treated. I just hope he wasn’t one of those who supported all the policies that contributed to his own son’s death.

  2. Phillip Ang says:

    Singaporeans have voted to be abused. 😦 We are not powerless but most have not realised this because PAP has succeeded in dividing the people through propaganda, fear and greed.

  3. Lim says:

    I hope the author is able to provide justification for his slanderous comments l.

  4. Cang says:

    This is a very sad case. And the problem is not that a teenager might have done something wrong.

    • Phillip Ang says:

      Very sad indeed and I can’t say I am not affected by the tragedy. 😦
      Ordinary Singaporeans are helpless because the majority have supported a government which only knows how to project its power by victimising citizens.
      The police and MOE are not even remorseful, as usual. There is only one way to put a stop to such abuse of power.

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