20160110 HDB flat buyers still living in denial: HDB is the owner of the most expensive concrete pigeon hole

Ah Kow: I heard from kopi tiam talking about our HDB not really belong to us. How come like that?

Ahmad: Not possible leh. Must belong to me because every month my CPF OA become kosong to pay for my 3-room bird cage.

Arumugam: I don’t believe you guys also same as the 70% PAP supporters still believe in our home ownership crap. Let me tell you – this is a SCAM! But it’s the people who voted for this scam.

Ah Kow: Wa lau eh, say until so serious wait you get letter from PAP Aunty Sue then you know.

Arumugam: Aiyah, when I state facts, why should I be afraid? There is more evidence but before I show you this, let me show you some proof I saw on the internet a few months ago. (Turning on his laptop) he pointed to a legal document.

Ah Kow and Ahmad almost fell off their chairs in disbelief.

Ah Kow: But if everyone think we are the real owner, that means it must be true.

Arumugam: Long time ago before policemen wore shorts, people believed the world was flat. Not everyone like you so ignorant but I don’t blame you. PAP’s propaganda machine damn powerful, can turn black into white, night into day. Look at another document here – the ‘owner’ is just the lessee.


Ahmad: I think Arumugam is right, see this document here (below), also state the word lessees. Sia, I think we all kena con big time.


Arumugam: Singaporeans really living in denial but they cannot admit the truth because it would mean they have been blur like sotongs. Few adults will admit they have been fooled by their government.

Ah Kow: I also don’t want to believe this, sia.

Arumugam: When I rented out a room last year, guess what? I must inform the real landlord, HDB ,and submit all the particulars of my tenant. If you really own a property, such as a condo, there’s no need to inform anyone because you are not a fake landlord, like HDB ‘owners’.

Ah Kow: Hmm… ya hor, I feel dam sian but I understand better now. No wonder because HDB is the real landlord it can decide to suka suka change HDB rules. Knn I better sell my HDB tomorrow, don’t want to kena scam.

Ahmad: Bro, after selling, where you stay? Set up tent at the beach or sleep at void decks?

More images @ link

Arumugam: Seriously, PAP has been screwing up citizens and profiting from us because that is the only way it can make money – in Singapore. At the stroke of a pen, “lessees” = “owners” just like CPF belongs to us but the rules are rewritten by PAP almost every year..

Ahmad: But isit big deal if lessee is not owner?

Arumugam: It is a very big deal because if all HDB ‘owners’ are correctly classified as ‘lessees’, then our home ownership rate will fall from 90.3 % to the lowest in the world.

Arumugam: Actually today I want to tell you guys that HDB already confirmed Singaporeans are not the owners on its website which it stated “Your can sublet your whole flat” or “You can sublet your spare bedroom(s)”.link

Ah Kow: Sublet and rent not the same meh?

Arumugam: HDB did not use “sublet” without knowing the definition. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “sublet” as:

  • : to allow someone to use (an apartment, house, etc., that you are renting) for a period of time in return for payment
  • : to use (an apartment, house, etc., that is rented by someone) in return for payment

Ahmad: That mean for 50 years everyone kena con by PAP?

Arumugam: People want to believe they are owners, especially when prices keep going up and they feel richer on paper. So they keep voting for PAP. People want to con themselves with the help of PAP. This own self con own self game has been played for too long and PAP will lose face big time if foreign media discover what has been going on. Now you look at the next page to confirm we are HDB’s tenants and our tenants are correctly classified as “subtenants” by HDB. If we are really “owners” as stated, HDB should not have stated our “tenants” as “subtenants”.


Ah Kow: Sia, I think Aru is right. HDB say our tenants are “subtenants” mean we are “tenants” of HDB. Knn I want to go Hong Lim Green and hold protest rally like Roy.

Ahmad: Bro, be careful OK. Roy HLP protest rally kena shut down by civil servants who play politics. You don’t forget you only got ITE cert, who want to listen to you. Ha ha.

Arumugam: Singapore is so unique to have scored another first in the world: property ‘owners’ are not allowed to mortgage their property. But we can’t always blame PAP for scamming us because we have the most educated morons voting for this own-government-scam-own-citizens system. Just have to live with HDB being the real owner of the most expensive concrete pigeon hole in the sky. (sigh)

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11 Responses to 20160110 HDB flat buyers still living in denial: HDB is the owner of the most expensive concrete pigeon hole

  1. Johnathan says:

    Jesus fucking Christ when can something I actually want to read be not overrun with disgusting singlish?

  2. Chrishaun says:

    Jesus fucking Jonathan don’t want to read singlish leave the country. Guess you are still suffering from colonization hangover, the west ball carrier!

  3. The says:

    Why is this news? 99-year leasehold – note the word lease. 999-year leasehold. Other than freehold properties, all properties whether HDB or private properties – are leasehold. You don’t own the property once the lease is up. Why doesn’t anyone make noise about all the 99-year leasehold private condominiums and landed properties?

  4. Phillip Ang says:

    Why should private property owners make any noise when the government has no control of their property during the lease tenure, unlike public housing? Condos appoint their own management agent, not town councils filled by PAP-affiliated members. Condos management seek residents approval unlike HDB which is not even bothered to seek our consent, condo management is transparent unlike our opaque town councils, etc 😦

  5. The says:

    Phillip – you have some restrictions from HDB because they flats are much cheaper, with some subsidies from the government. I think the gist of this article is that somehow you don’t “own” your HDB flat because it is leasehold. My point is that the same applies to private sector 99-year leasehold properties. If we are really only “leasee” or renting the property, then we don’t have the right to sell the property and keep the proceeds. Yes, you can counter with the argument that there are also restrictions on the sale of the flat. As for me, I can live with all the restrictions imposed by HDB if I can get the flat for $300psf to $600psf compared to $1,300psf to $1,600psf.

  6. Phillip Ang says:

    I don’t think you understand the gist of my post, it’s not an issue of being leasehold or not. 😦 Ownership has been conveniently redefined by PAP and there’s no such a thing as being an owner while you have basically very little say and tons of forever changing restrictions.
    We are only ‘owners’ under the HDB Act. Remove this and all who purchased public housing are lessees.
    For ‘owners’ who buy resale flats without subsidies/grants, why are there still restrictions? We have never been owners. 🙂 It’s just a term loosely used but have come to be accepted as fact.
    Even HDB has acknowledged this and it’s careful to use “subtenants” and “sublet” because legal ownership belongs to HDB!
    To insist we are owners is effectively arguing against HDB’s stand that it is the legal owner.

  7. The says:

    My question is, aside from some restrictions, how is “ownership” of HDB flat different from private 99-year leasehold properties? You can also say the same that we are only “owners” under the Residential Property Act for private leasehold properties.

    The point is, there is double standards here.

    Phillip, answer this – what happens to your 99-year leasehold condo on expiry of 99 years? Do you still own that property?


  8. Phillip Ang says:

    Everyone knows the land reverts back to the government. You have refused to accept the convention meaning of ‘owner’ as defined in every dictionary but PAP’s lessee = owner definition.
    The very big difference is government’s interference in public housing and they are not just some minor restrictions.
    It is your choice to focus on what happens at the end of the lease only and ignore what goes on in between, accept everything that’s thrown at you without debate in parliament, ….
    HDB has in a way acknowledged they are the rightful owner with a careful choice of words such as “subtenants” and “sublet”. You have disagreed with the HDB it is the rightful owner. 😦

  9. The says:

    Phillip, with due respect, you are the one who refuse to accept reality and instead looking at subtenants and sublet. OK, let’s look at the substance.

    What does property ownership entails? Basically, there you have the rights to the assets – that is you can sell it and keep the proceeds, you can rent it and keep the rentals.

    On the other hand, if you are a leasee or tenant in the usual sense of the word, (that is, you rent a house or room from someone else), you cannot sell that house and pocket the sale proceeds.

    Take your case of insisting that you are only subtenants of your HDB flat. Can you sell your HDB flat? The answer is a definite YES. Now, if you are a tenant or subtenant of a private property, can you sell that property? The answer is a definite NO.

    You are still wriggling out of answering my question – do you own your 99-year private condo after the expiry of 99 years? Simple answer – YES or NO. If the answer is no, then by your definition, you are not the owner.

    /// You have refused to accept the convention meaning of ‘owner’ as defined in every dictionary but PAP’s lessee = owner definition. /// So, by your definition, any leasehold property will not constitute ownership, be it private or public housing. 60-year, 99-year, 999-year leaseholds are also given to lessees.

    So, you are saying that more than 90% of Singapore’s property owners are so dumb that they pay for something they do not own. Might as well rent the properties.

  10. Phillip Ang says:

    HDB has stated in no uncertain terms that we are not owners. The term has been used loosely in propaganda but has come to be accepted by Singaporeans. I have already pointed out the difference between private and public property.
    People are not dumb but we have no choice because legislations are controlled by a PAP dominated parliament. The only way to change this is for people to be not afraid to be critical and not accept everything at face value. Or boot the PAP out for redefining issues to suit its political objectives.
    For example, our retirement savings have been converted to foreign reserves through legislation which no other government in the world does.
    As far as I, and many, Singaporeans are concerned, we are not owners. I trust the HDB is right or it will have to edit its web page – remover “sublet” and “subtenants”. Since you have accepted PAP’s unique definition which is totally different from any dictionary, we’ll just agree to disagree.
    Thank you for your interest and stay tuned for more provocative posts to spur more citizens to think deeper. 🙂

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