20150110 Even Masagos Zulkifli knows how to TKSS

Ah Kow: I read the CNA article “Singapore has to work together for sustainable future: Masagos Zulkifli” I catch no ball. Singapore is one country so work together with who?

(Turning on his laptop to confirm Ah Kow’s observation) Arumugam: Hmm .. I think he means Singaporeans must work together la. Normally we say one country has to work together with another so maybe this smart alec Mat thinks Singapore has to work with China, India and Philippines for sustainable future??

(Reading from Aru’s laptop) Ahmad: This Mat also know how to TKSS man. He said “the nation cannot depend on just one person, or just a group of people to do their part”. When PAP want to use our CPF money, only one group of people decide. When they want to import foreigners by the planeload everyday, that ‘wooden head’ decide. Mana boleh like that double standard?

Ah Kow: When PAP want to help us, they decide how much Medishield premium to increase. When PAP want to increase HDB price, I heard Lee Hsien Loong got one time give 80,000 PRs in one year. And …

Arumugam: Wait. Let’s confirm if this is true ….. yes. (chart below). This is what PAP calls long-term planning and foolish Singaporeans lap up all the propaganda like eating at buffet. Wow, Ah Kow can join opposition party now.

(Smiling) Ah Kow: No la. I hear PAP got take a lot of shortcut and also many people talk about this nowsaday.

Ahmad: #%*^@* How come when take credit our propaganda say it’s the supreme leader one man only? How come Masagos can become MEWR minister? Ada relevant experience?

Arumugam: Let’s take a look … his only one job is not even in private sector but with Singtel, a government-linked company. Suddenly parachute to Senior Parliamentary Secretary, MOE and MHA. Must be damn capable got promoted without any relevant experience. Ha ha. Later become MOS, for MHA and MFA in 2011 and got increment in 2012 when became SMOS. Finally MEWR minister. link

Ah Kow: So this is PAP talents. All no experience, parachute to become leaders and get promotion so easy. Private sector where got such thing. No wonder PAP cock up every time.

Ahmad: This Mat talk machiam like all Singaporeans stupid, only PAP clever. PAP should stop talking like everyone no otak except scholars got only.

Arumugam: It seems like one needs to master the art of TKSS before can join PAP. State something so obvious that ordinary Singaporeans don’t even imagine they should speak and make everyone look stupid. Direct them to do this or that.

Ah Kow: Hello .. this work OK. Look at the 70% who want PAP to talk this way to them. Ha ha.

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