20151130 Has attention-seeking Calvin Cheng invited terrorists to attack Singapore?

The PAP government had better sit up and dissociate itself from Calvin Cheng (CC) before harm befalls Singapore. It should watch CC very closely and if red lines have been crossed, the use of the ISA should not be ruled out.

From CC’s blog

CC said that “his original comment was deliberately provocative” so as to stir debate. But CC has no means of controlling who reads his comments. Has CC stirred debate among terrorists? Have they been provoked?

The fact that the government has not taken any action against CC may be perceived by terrorists that it holds a similar view. Anyone whose family members, especially children, have been threatened with harm would understandably react.

CC’s suggestion to kill the children of terrorists is being trivialised by Prof Tan Cheng Han, MLC chairman, who stated “I am unable to conclude that what Mr Cheng said as a whole amounts to hate speech.” Perhaps Prof Tan needs psychiatric help.

MLC members are appointed by the government and the views of its members are by extension the views of the PAP government.

MLC’s roles include “advising the Government on research , trends ….and appropriate policy responses”. An MLC member who advocates killing children is in no position to advise the PAP on any matter.

What the PAP needs to do urgently is take concrete action against CC by removing him from MLC and subsequently sending him to the IMH, as it did with Amos Yee who had only insulted Lee Kuan Yew.

CC’s habit of ‘speaking first, think later’ now poses a danger to Singapore. PAP would do well not to ignore the filth that comes out of CC’s mouth as terrorists may have been inadvertently invited to attack Singapore.


Talking about children of terrorists, here’s an interesting video – “Zak Ebrahim: I am the son of a terrorist. Here’s how I chose peace

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