20151129 Own self pay own self government will doom our country

In our unique own self pay own self (OPO) government, epic PAP failures are the norm.

The PAP today is no longer interested in proper governance and has attracted a bunch of clowns masking as MPs and politicians. Greed and power are the only motivating factors for those who join the PAP.

Political salary was already excessive even before Goh Chok Tong became PM and had actually been increasing according to PAP’s whim since 1970. With an unchecked parliament, power abuse was clearly evident when the PM’s salary almost tripled from $42,000 in 1970 to $123,000 in 1973. From 1970 to 2008, it increased by some 9000%.

Where remuneration is concerned, the sky’s the limit for an unchecked OPO government.

Currently at $2.2 million, this is still an increase of 5200%. If the average Singaporean salary has increased by a similar amount, ordinary Singaporeans should be earning at least $5000 a month.

The abuse under our OPO government cannot be more obvious when we look at the salary of our charity-show-figurehead president which was reduced from $3.9 million to $1.54 million. Based on PAP’s justification to attract the best and the brightest, political salaries should be moving in tandem with GDP growth. Shouldn’t the president, and PM, be paid more than $5 million since our GDP has increased by 50% since 2009? If not, aren’t PAP’s justifications all bullshit?

The president’s $2.4 million reduction clearly confirms PAP has abused the system to its benefit. It does not help when our jiak-liow-bee MPs simply remain silent in parliament.

Other examples:

SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek’s salary has doubled to as high as $2.5 million since he took over from an incompetent CEO appointed by PAP. Under our OPO system, Kuek continues to be rewarded for running a system which guarantees regular MAJOR disruptions. Despite a once in 50 year disruption which affected a (NEW) record 413,000 commuters in July, Kuek’s remuneration package looks set to increase further because train disruptions do not affect the elites one bit. Kuek simply needs to ensure the bottom line target is met for his OPO bosses.

NOL CEO Ng Yat Chung, ex Lieutenant-General, was given the opportunity to turn NOL around for 4 years. Instead, NOL has been making consistent losses while Ng has received more than US$10 million in compensation. OPO government solution – sell loss-making NOL!

In fact, the solution for all loss-making investments is to delist them, eg Chartered Semiconductor, Stats Chippac, Tiger Airways, etc. Are scholars really talents?

Make no mistake, every mistake made by an OPO government is not a mistake. After ST’s Micropolis investment, under Ho Ching’s leadership, went bust shortly with a $630 million debt, Temasek chairman and ex minister Dhanabalan complimented her for having the “courage to cut the losses”.

MP Goh is perceived by the general public as the culprit who should be held responsible for almost all the issues created by PAP because he laid the red carpet for foreign trash into our country.

In 1991, URA’s target population was 4 million by between 2030 and 2040. MP Goh, then Singapore PM, exceeded this target by the time he left office in 2004. MP Goh’s insane population growth policy has created unnecessary stress in society and housing prices shot through the roof. Gone were the days when a single parent could easily afford to service the mortgage of a 4/5-room HDB flat.

Instead of getting rid of incompetence, our OPO government not only allowed MP Goh to remain in the cabinet but even created a new title for him.

Our healthcare issues are the result of poor/no planning by ex health ministers who have all, except George Yeo, been rotated to other ministries and continue to receive million dollar salaries. While more HDB flats have been constructed, the issue of affordability remains largely unaddressed. In all other democratic countries which clearly do not have an OPO system, incompetent leaders would have been given the boot.

PAP portrays Singapore as one of the most difficult to run countries in the universe when, in fact, our little red dot would be a breeze for any competent foreign civil servant. Thriving on zero transparency/no accountability, our unique OPO government have caused major chronic issues which they are not able to resolve. Even an idiot knows this will doom our country.

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5 Responses to 20151129 Own self pay own self government will doom our country

  1. James says:

    Exactly! Totally agree with you. So can you imagine that despite such blatant abuse of power and disgusting acts of greed, 70% of the people see it fit to support them! What does it say about Singaporeans? I suppose you can’t argue with LKY’s view that Singaporeans are daft.

  2. Phillip Ang says:

    LKY understood human nature very well even before he entered politics. He had used greed, fear and propaganda to achieve his objective. PAP has continued in LKY’s footsteps to perpetuate its power, ignoring the irreversible damage it has caused.

  3. abc says:

    5200% salary increase…

    In 1970 the typical salary for average Sinkie (Pri school education) was $200 per month. With 5200% increase, the salary for average Sinkie today (Poly diploma) will be $10,600 per month.

    Even if just use normal inflation, the average starting salary should be about $3,000/month. ($1 in 1970 is worth about $15 today)

    Therefore a poly grad today getting $2000 starting pay is in fact worse off than a Pri 6-educated factory worker in 1970 earning $200. And many Sinkies today are actually getting less than $2000 salary.

    That’s why in the old days (before mid-1980s) many Sinkie families could still afford HDB flats & 2-3 kids on a single-working parent. No need dual-income unless those who want to cheong & earn big bucks and stay in landed properties.

  4. remember says:

    I have to disagree with you about the ease of running this country. Now that it’s overrun with foreigners, it truly is difficult as shit to run lol

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