20151025 PAP should discard ‘upside-down’ planning model, don’t TKSS anymore

The last couple of decades have confirmed PAP’s planning for Singapore after the first 10 years never existed.

I have highlighted this in previous posts and will attempt to explain it clearer to the 70% who do not possess the capacity to understand.

Year Projected Between Year Objective
. population years attained reached (yrs)
1991 4 mil 2031 to 2041 2000 9 years
2001 5.5 mil 2041 to 2051 2015 14 years
2013 6.9 mil 2030 2030<?? 2030<??

When the target population in 2030 is overshot by 75%, PAP can’t simply pat itself on the back while requiring citizens to bear the brunt of its epic screw up.

Questions for the 70% who voted for PAP’s suka-suka type of planning:

1 From 1990 to 2000, the population increased by 32% from 3.05 million to 4.03 million. PAP achieved its 40- to 50-year population target in 10 years. Is this even remotely considered ‘planning’?

2 From 2000 to 2015, the population increased further by 37% or 1.5 million (majority foreigners). Is this planning?

It should be clear a high number of foreigners never featured in our population planning. In the 1991 URA Concept Plan, the number of foreign workers was estimated to be 400,000 max in 2030 but by 2000, it had hit 750,000! PAP has ramped up our GDP by merely increasing headcount but somehow, daft Singaporeans are still unable to see through PAP’s economic ‘miracle’.

(According to the Population White Paper, the foreigner population, excluding 500,000 to 600,000 PRs, will be about 2.5 million. Why the drastic increase? Did PAP create so many good jobs? Why no statistics? PAP did not create good jobs for Singaporeans because if it did, many Singaporeans would not have resorted to driving taxis. The government would not have to perpetually increase grants and subsidies if citizens are able to take care of themselves. Good jobs must mean high salaries in one of the highest cost of living countries. So why are there 634,000 full-time jobs paying wages below $2,500 per month?)

Since it is clearly evident PAP could not even plan 1 decade ahead (1990 to 2000), is it not daft to believe PAP when it claims to be farsighted? How long will Singaporeans continue to play the role of fools?

When we start to look at issues objectively, we will begin to understand why major screw ups have occurred and will worsen.

My prediction – new MOT minister Khaw Boon Wan will not be able to fix our public transportation system because the problem had started at the design stage more than 3 decades ago. Khaw trying to fit a 6.9 million population into a 4 million MRT system is like trying to fit a square into a circle. Unfortunately, Khaw also has a history of failures.

During Khaw’s tenure as MOH minister from 2004 to 2011, the number of hospital beds hentak kaki although the population increased by 1.01 million!

Khaw should have known a bit about hospital operations because he began his career at the MOH in 1977 and was CEO of NUH from 1985 to 1987. He had a total of 10 years experience in various hospitals before becoming PPS to Goh Chok Tong, MTI Perm Sec and parachuted into Tanjong Pagar GRC as MP.

To understand just how ridiculous our ‘planning’ is – Khaw took 5 years to start planning the construction of new hospitals in 2009 after the population had increased by 800,000. Population increase –> Construct new hospitals = Upside-down planning. There was clearly no foresight.

(Khaw has been given too much credit for ‘fixing’ the housing problem. What Khaw did – ramp up housing construction to clear a huge backlog created by his incompetent predecessor Mah Bow Tan and inadvertently compromising on quality and design. According to international standard of housing affordability, public housing is still a long way off from being affordable and Khaw has therefore not resolved the issue.)

Singaporeans will pay a very high price for voting a government which plans on impulse. Look at the chart below and if you still consider this proper planning, then I don’t know what to say.

For someone who clearly didn’t know his job, it comes as a shock for Khaw to be appointed to fix our public transport system. After Khaw’s past failures why should anyone cut him some slack for PAP’s experiment with recycling failures? Singaporeans should be prepared and not expect Khaw, together with 2 ex paper generals helming LTA and SMRT, to be be able to resolve transportation issues because all had zero prior relevant experience.

Khaw, in a way, has acknowledged PAP’s upside-down planning when he disclosed that at least 12 to 13 double-decker buses are needed to carry the same number of passengers in a six-car train,ie during a peak hour major disruption, at least 150 double-decker/200 single-decker buses will be required per station. There is clearly insufficient resources.

In the July 7 disruption, SMRT would have required more than 1000 buses for the 413,000 affected commuters. More if it does not adopt ‘safety’ standards in India.

That PTOs do not have sufficient resources (manpower, buses) during a major disruption is confirmation that PAP did not plan with such contingencies in mind. Even if 1000 buses could be added, traffic would come to a standstill because most roads were not designed for the current population and could not be expanded.

Instead of discarding what is clearly an upside-down planning model, Khaw prefers to distract the public from our PTOs’ incompetence and talks about inculcating a kampong spirit, working with shopkeepers and the importance of ‘family-ness’. Khaw really makes a laughing stock of himself by engaging in another session of TKSS.

PAP cannot stinge on costs by roping in shopkeepers to do SMRT’s job. The logical thing to do is increase employee headcount.

With regard to PAP’s population planning, there appears to be none. In many cases, PAP simply put the cart before the horse, which is some sort of upside-down planning.

Ministers like Khaw shouldn’t TKSS and PAP would do well to provide a permanent solution by simply discarding its upside-down planning model.

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1 Response to 20151025 PAP should discard ‘upside-down’ planning model, don’t TKSS anymore

  1. terrytks says:

    What a ridiculous solution. Instead of focusing on additional trains, increase frequency and up– to– date maintenance this clown wants people to expect more breakdowns. This is admitting defeat before any realistic and relevant measure is considered.
    He and his paper general chiefs will stop TKSS only when their pockets are affected.

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