20151016 Every school is a good school is a joke

I refer to ST’s “Heng Swee Keat as education minister: A study in bold moves” 4 days ago. PAP just can’t resist using the mainstream media for self praise. But does Heng deserve to be praised to high heavens?

Many educators remember Heng for popularising the slogan “Every school, a good school” (ESaGS) in 2013 and PM Lee even repeated this in his 2013 NDR speech.

But ESaGS had been launched by Northern Ireland’s former Education Minister on 30 April 2009, 4 years before Heng and others parroted the slogan. link Hmm… maybe it was another coincident. It’s not possible for our highly-paid civil servants to have simply copied and pasted for Heng and others to parrot the slogan right?

Northern Ireland


Singapore, 2013

(Even the Chinese Communist Party was also planning its own “every school to be a good school”! I have actually highlighted this 2 years ago in this post.)

Singapore’s ESaGS is a joke and has been pointed out by Jurong West Secondary vice-principal Pushparani Nadarajah who had to state the obvious. When children of ministers, MPs and wealthy Singaporeans don’t attend neighbourhood schools, are Singaporeans expected to believe that a slogan can transform undesirable schools into good ones?

If our scholars were not engaging in another session of TKSS, they should walk the talk by exchanging half the staff of every elite school with neighbourhood schools. MOE should also allocate all resources evenly.

PAP thrives on our elitist educational system which has benefitted them for decades. How could there not be any distinction between the schools attended by the children of aristocrats and commoners?

Let’s look Heng’s experience prior to becoming Education Minister:

– 1983 to 1997 – served in the Singapore Police Force
– 1997 – joined the Civil Service’s Admin Service
– 1997 – a short stint at MOE
-1997 – Principal Private Secretary to Lee Kuan Yew
– 2001 – Permanent Secretary, MTI
– 2005 to 2011 – Managing Director, MAS
– 2011 – Minister for Education

Besides a very short stint at MOE in 1997, which Heng couldn’t have learnt much, he did not have any prior relevant experience before becoming education minister. Could anyone without relevant experience make a world of difference to a system in less than 5 years?

It appears Heng has been promoting cosmetic changes because:

– elites are still sending their children to elite schools
– private tuition industry is still raking in big bucks
– schools are still exam-oriented and less interested in the well being of students **
– Singaporeans’ rigid view of success through education, conditioned by PAP’s elitist education system, has not changed.

PAP’s ‘bold’ moves are in fact only cosmetic changes.

Credit should be given where credit is due. Heng really does not deserve any because the important underlying issues have not been addressed. If Heng really believed in the ESaGS slogan, ministers would have walk the talk by sending their children to Bukit Merah or Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary or any neighbourhood schools. How many Singaporeans believe in ESaGS, keechiu! Told you right, nobody.

Not only is ESaGS unoriginal, it’s really just a joke.

** There are exceptional teachers who truly care for their students.

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3 Responses to 20151016 Every school is a good school is a joke

  1. Fedup Mother says:

    I, too, for the longest time, have been wondering why people who consider HSK as a good education minister.
    Every school is a good school? Yeah, sure. I want to know which schools your children are educated.
    Don’t need to send children to university. Yeah, sure. I want to know if your children go to university.
    No more school ranking. Yeah, sure. Everyone still know which school is better and harder to get in.
    No more psle aggregate score. Yeah, sure. Maybe parents only see the broad band grade, how would a school determine which students to accept if all the “A” students applied?

  2. Novice investor says:

    😦 Singapore is run on slogans by scholars.
    Please share.

  3. James says:

    Hahaha, MOE is a very important ministry to the pap. They use it to literally drown students with the propaganda that will make them all grow up to believe every single piece of shit that the ruling party espouses.

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