20151014 Lee Kuan Yew probably right about Singaporeans being daft

70% of Singaporeans have yet to realise that Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy is our opaque and unaccountable government. No need to be a rocket scientist to know that:

– No good can come out of a government which has concealed statistics on housing, population, CPF, investments, education, etc for 50 years. In other democratic countries, such information would have been in the public domain.
– Recycling failures, instead of holding them accountable, by rewarding them with higher remunerations is a recipe for failure.
– A leader who does not have any courage to apologise for a single policy mistake during 5 decades in government has set a wrong precedent.

Why do Singaporeans who have the freedom to vote prefer to be controlled by a system which is not transparent and politicians who are not accountable? LKY once likened Singaporeans to dogs and animals and called us ‘daft’. Perhaps this is an apt description after all. (In 2010, LKY called Singaporeans daft for disagreeing with HDB policy of selling flats at exorbitant prices.)

There are many who believe in a paper general, who does not have a second of war experience, trumpeting a “one shot, one kill” capability to protect our country – an instance of being daft.

Another example of being daft is believing a freak election happens only when PAP emerges the loser. Why shouldn’t any political party which had increased only 404 hospital beds after increasing the population by 1.44 million be booted out? Why shouldn’t PAP be held accountable for giving us an MRT system designed for a 4 million population (URA’s 40 year target in 1991) but already exceeded this projection decades earlier? etc.

A freak election should be one which a party continues to be ‘elected’ after 5 decades and remains unchecked in Parliament. Freak elections don’t happen in other democracies but only in Singapore in the 21st century.

Singaporeans are also aware that HDB includes more than $100,000 land cost for bigger flats, land which we don’t own. Why do citizens vote to pay for property which we don’t own? Why do citizens vote for their children to be enslaved to 30 year mortgages? Is this not being daft?

CPF members aged 55 and above have been prevented from withdrawing a total of $79 billion in retirement savings. Although members have been enticed with higher interest payments, PAP also has a record of suka suka changing the rules. However, 70% of citizens have chosen to ignore the constant shifting of goalposts shifting to their detriment. If this is not being daft, I don’t know what to say.

Paper generals, runaway success stories in the military, are parachuted into GLCs and very soon, their $ 1/2 million salary balloons into $2.25 million as SMRT CEO despite unresolved issues or about US$2.4 million as NOL CEO for achieving 4 years of losses.

Obvious questions, but not obvious to 70% of the population, to ask:

– Which scholar who has depended on tax dollars all his life has been able to earn even a $1 million salary in the private sector after retirement?

– Why is the government throwing away tax dollars by parachuting scholars with zero experience top positions in GLCs?

PAP has repeatedly stated that good jobs are created for Singaporeans on the condition that jobs needed to be first created for foreigners. Huh? Stupid or what? Foreigners create jobs for locals??

So where is the list of good jobs created for Singaporeans? 70% of Singaporeans only know how to listen and do not possess any ability to question.

Let’s look at Goh Chok Tong’s (aka Lau Goh) analogy of the state as our parents which many have observed that such pure nonsense indicates short circuited senses. I mean, where in the world do parents insist on keeping their children’s retirement savings after they have turned 55? Do parents cream off part of their children’s investment returns and tell them they don’t even need to know where their money is invested?

There’s so much that’s wrong, not only wrong but immoral, about our government but the majority of Singaporeans don’t seem to care or even want to know. Yesterday, the NEL broke down again for an hour during peak hour affecting thousands but rest assured, most commuters will continue to vote for a government they deserve.

Likewise for the preventable outbreak of Hepatitis C at SGH – those responsible only need to issue statements of apology, grave concern and disappointment. The mainstream media will limit the damage to PAP and a “own self check own self” ‘independent’ board of inquiry will only recommend lessons to be learnt.

What kind of people do not care about policies which adversely affect them and their children? Do loved ones need to die before one starts to think?

It appears LKY is probably right about Singaporeans being daft. No one screws himself up REPEATEDLY by voting for zero transparency and no accountability except those who are ….

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2 Responses to 20151014 Lee Kuan Yew probably right about Singaporeans being daft

  1. Xmen says:

    I have given up on Singaporeans. It is futile to change group think and behavior molded by lifelong state propaganda. This society is on the same scale as the one depicted in 1984 except that no big brother is needed here lol.

  2. Novice investor says:

    Understand where you are coming from. 😦 I know change will have to be forced onto PAP, probably by external forces. Hope that day comes soon.

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