20150813 2015 National Day Message – More half-truths, rewriting of the Singapore pledge by PM Lee

Instead of letting Lee Kuan Yew rest in peace, PAP prefers to continue exploiting a dead man’s ‘achievements’. PM Lee’s National Day Message 2015 was again about the indispensability of LKY and PAP’s version of Singapore history, not reality. Perhaps PAP was too pai-seh to mention the underachievements of the subsequent 2 PMs?

The unceasing credit given to LKY who was PM more than 25 years ago has other implications, ie Goh Chok Tong and Lee Hsien Loong contributed insignificantly to Singapore’s progress.

Perhaps this is true because Goh and Hsien Loong packed Singaporeans like sardines to ramp up the GDP, ie the population increased by 1.8 million foreigners since Goh became PM and Hsien Loong simply followed in Goh’s footsteps.

(In his 2014 message, PM Lee also trumpeted PAP’s achievements and lectured Singaporeans on how we should live and how the PAP will help Singaporeans sell our homes to raise funds for retirement. If PAP did help the people so much, then we must be rather foolish to continue to KPKB on social media.)

So all the contributions such as catapulting Singapore to the 3rd-richest country had nothing to do with PM Lee and Goh?

Credit should be given where credit is due. Sir Stamford Raffles founded Singapore in 1819 and Singaporeans have the British to thank more than anyone else. I mean, would there even be LKY if there had been no founding of Singapore 104 years before he was born?

Sorry Sir, LKY was from the PAP but you were not.

Nations fought for their independence but we achieved independence by getting kicked out of Malaysia. Merger with Malaysia was also LKY’s idea which clearly failed. So much for ‘The Man and His Ideas’.

PM Lee doesn’t seem to have any idea except to continue exploiting his daddy’s death and embarrass Singaporeans by revealing to the world country did not fight for its independence, ie kena kicked out of Malaysia. Intelligent Singaporean students should read posts from Yours Truly Singapore for a factual historical account of Singapore and challenge their teachers during social studies lessons. Many will be left speechless.

By now, Singaporeans would already have known the half-truth about ‘having no resources’ and likelihood of failure after independence/British pullout. How could a hardworking population was be considered a resource?

Singapore, if positioned elsewhere without its superb geographical location would be nothing, with or without PAP. Not all Singaporeans are LKY’s “gullible fools” who blindly accept PAP’s half-truths.

PM Lee then claimed we overcame many problems such as SARS, the Global Financial crisis, etc and grew our economy. So how did he grow our economy? I think if he had mentioned this, he would have been more pai-seh than his mee siam can don’t want hum. When PAP had no checks in Parliament, red carpets were laid out at Changi Airport daily for 202,000 PRs between 2007 to 2009.

In 1990, PRs numbered 112,100. By 2000, Lau Goh increased this to 287,500. How did the increase of PRs benefit Singaporeans? By 2010, the number of PRs had increased by almost 500%.

PM Lee should explain to Singaporeans how the hell are we being helped by allocating an increasing budget for PRs and allowing an additional 400,000 to purchase resale public housing since 1990.

If the solution to our low TFR/ageing population issue is to increase the number of immigrants, then any average Joe could be a policymaker. PM Lee has obviously not read his daddy’s book “One Man’s View of the World”.

LKY: “Finally, empirical evidence tells us that immigrants do not boost our fertility rates because they have as few children as Singaporeans do. They replace the young adults that we are short of, but do not have enough children to replace themselves…..”. (thanks to ‘oxygen’ for his intelligent comments on TRE)

The man himself has spoken – our immigration policy has already failed. Is PM Lee man enough to own up or will PAP make up a tall story? Will the NPTD listen or continue to treat citizens as fools?

OK, if PAP doesn’t want to listen to LKY, it might want to listen to its own MP, Inderjit Singh. Inderjit: “I have come across a number of cases where our targeted one child from China brings in 2 parents who then bring 2 parents each as their dependents – Net is that we gain one young one child who we brought in for our future but also inherited 6 older people – making our ageing population issue worse not better.”

When it comes to job creation, PAP’s trumpet has always been playing out of tune. And please, don’t insult citizens by telling us good jobs are paid relatively low. According to PAP MP Inderjit: “I remember when I started work in 1985, my salary was $1900 as an entry level engineer. After a few years I could afford a house and a car. Today, 28 years later, an entry level engineer in Singapore earns $2600, just $700 more than what I earned when I started.”

In the mid 80’s, my 5-room HDB flat in Simei cost less than $80,000. The loan could be serviced by a single income. 28 years later, the same flat had increased by 500% and many with dual income could not afford it. No wonder PM Lee kept trying to mask PAP’s failure by harking back to his daddy’s time when matas wore shorts not too long ago.

Younger Singaporeans should learn to discern facts from PAP’s propaganda – since Lau Goh became PM, PAP has taken Singapore to the edge of a cliff.

Instead of Lau Goh’s Swiss Alps, PM Lee preferred a higher point and spoke from Nepal’s base camp: “At 50 years, as we stand at a high base camp, we look back and marvel how far we have come. From this base camp, we can also look forward to new peaks ahead. We know that we will get there, because we will always be there for one another.”

This statement rings hollow to many Singaporeans. PAP can’t simply transplant foreigners with a different culture and history and expect miracles to happen, ie be there for one another.

PM Lee then reminded us about the setting up of PAP by his daddy at Victoria Memorial Hall. PM Lee claimed his daddy inaugurated the long struggle for a fair and just society. I managed not to fall of my chair and shortly regained my composure to think of these few questions:

– Is it fair for octogenarians to work as cleaners in food courts and toilets?
– Is there fairness when our youths are forced to compete with foreigners from third world country for jobs and education in public institutions?
– Is it fair for the PAP to cream off a portion of my CPF for decades and refuse to return ALL my money at 55?
– Is there justice when the PAP could jail a teenager for insulting LKY?
– Is there justice when PAP jailed political opponents but refuses to convene a COI?
– Is there justice when PAP’s actions ruined the lives of opposition politicians’ families but no one held accountable?

Before ending the message, there appears to have been an honest mistake by his scriptwriter. Or perhaps PM Lee was hinting that Singapore has transitioned into an aristocracy of sorts.

PM Lee’s version of the Singapore pledge: ” … as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion, to build Singapore, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.” Even a primary school kid knows what’s missing in PM’s pledge. It’s not possible that the leader himself has forgotten the pledge after reciting it for more than 50 years because it’s like forgetting his name.

It appears that PM Lee suka suka substituted “to build a democratic society” with “to build Singapore” and completely left out “justice and equality”. This shouldn’t be a big deal as they are conveniently absent in Singapore anyway. Hmm .. will this cause Rajaratnam, writer of the pledge, to turn in his grave?

Spouting half-truths is nothing new in PAP’s National Day Message. But when he anyhow rewrite our pledge, that spells trouble.

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One Response to 20150813 2015 National Day Message – More half-truths, rewriting of the Singapore pledge by PM Lee

  1. wongcheokwan says:


    Thanks for explaining that bringing in a foreigner does not help in ” old age support ratio”.

    Another DISASTER: to mint a new citizen costs about $250,000 in dilution of per capita RESERVES

    plus $6250 interest loss per year calculated by 2.5% cpf rate.( Excluded education and housing

    subsidy.)To mint 20,000 citizens cost $5,000,000,000.Can anyone show how the costs can be


    Best wishes.

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