20150808 Singaporean youth will change an incompetent government, LKY wrong

After PAP won the 2006 parliamentary elections, Lee Kuan Yew arrogantly declared: “Please do not assume that your can change governments. Young people don’t understand this.”

LKY’s message was directed at our youths and he thought he could disempower them with words like he used to in the past on older Singaporeans. But Singaporean youths are unlike their parents and they are not afraid of PAP. LKY had mistakenly thought that PAP could hold on to power in perpetuity. 5 years later, his “five years to live and repent” attempt to disempower Aljuneid GRC residents backfired and cost PAP it first GRC loss.

LKY was a leader who understood and capitalised on the power of propaganda which had worked wonders during his time. His failure to move with the times blinded him to the fact that our well educated youths were armed with a weapon more powerful than the mainstream media.

Didn’t anyone from the PAP tell him that governments were never changed by old people?

“Hooray! We can change governments”???

Look at the fall of strongmen like President Ferdinand Marcos and President Suharto. Did infirmed elderly citizens contribute significantly to their fall? During the more recent Arab Spring, what was the percentage of old people who helped to topple their governments? Young Singaporeans understand they have the power to change governments and LKY was clearly afraid of them.

LKY got involved in politics when he was a young man in his 20’s while studying in Britain. When he returned to Singapore, he helped set up the PAP at the age of 31. If the young LKY had believed his own ‘advice’ in 2006, then there would have been no SG 50 celebrations.

LKY should have known the political landscape had changed beyond recognition since he was PM. During his premiership, people were blurrer than sotong; everything he said would be repeated ad nauseam by PAP papers and TV until many mistook them for the gospel truth.

Yes, there will always be a segment of society susceptible to propaganda but to assume that it’ll work wonders in this day and age is an insult Singaporean youths.

If Singaporean youths are stupid, as PAP has assumed, then the government should not be allocating billions of tax dollars to the MOE every year.

Our youths are not blind to the fact that PAP bullies citizens, takes the side of foreigners instead of citizens, abdicates its responsibilities to the people, never owns up to epic failures, abuses public resources by politicising statutory boards and using them against citizens, prioritises party over the people, etc.

Many youths may not want to engage PAP because they understand the futility of even attempting. They may not seem interested in politics but they are not stupid to understand the detrimental effects of PAP policies, such as allowing foreigners on tourist visas to compete with locals for employment.

As for local graduates, many are now aware that their general degrees are becoming ‘less edible’ with each passing day because government agencies such as IDA finds nothing wrong with employing lower-cost foreigners, even one with a fake MBA.

When it comes to Singaporean polytechnic graduates, PAP should not believe that stamps are pasted on the eyes. PAP has allowed foreign graduates who work for lower wages than Singaporean diploma holders. How can the pay of diploma holders increase when there is an unlimited supply of foreign graduates? If I were a polytechnic graduate, I will have no choice but to remove the PAP from power in order to look after my interest.

After all the financial sacrifices, the starting salary of a diploma graduate is really nothing to shout about. A married couple, both diploma holders, can’t even afford a 4-room resale flat after working 7 years and will max out the monthly CPF on a 25-year loan mortgage for a 3 room resale flat.

The oft-heard suggestion is to apply for a new HDB flat but Singaporeans should seriously question why they have been forced to do so. Why are resale flats unaffordable and the location of one’s home dictated by the PAP? This would have been acceptable 2 decades ago but not when Singapore is now one of the richest country with the third highest GDP per capita in the world.

I’m certain our intelligent youths are aware that CPF housing grants are not given out because we have a generous government; CPF grants are necessary after PAP has caused public housing prices to spiral out of control, out of reach of the masses.

If polytechnic graduates are earning relatively low wages, ITE graduates must be doing even worse. PAP should not insult the intelligence of our youths by lecturing them skills upgrading. After working for a decade, an ITE graduate can’t progress any further because their salary attracts competition from foreign university graduates. No matter how much an ITE graduate upgrades, like university and polytechnic graduates, their salary will hentak kaki due to PAP’s open leg door policy for foreigners.

Why should the starting pay of ITE graduates be much lower than the unofficial poverty line of $1,900? How will they be able to afford a decent flat when they start a family?

If our scholars really believe a 2-room flat is ideal and the environment conducive to raise a family, why don’t they try living in one?

Needless to say, ITE graduates will never have sufficient retirement savings and if any family member incurs an exceptionally large hospital bill through no fault of theirs, good luck to the enhanced HDB asset.

Singaporean youths are not blinded by PAP’s propaganda and they can see poverty in too many places in our pseudo wealthy country. They are also aware that PAP has abdicated its responsibility by not taking care of their parents and shifted the burden onto their shoulders.

Those who really think about their future will know for certain that PAP will be fighting its own fires; it has created only a handful of good jobs for our youths. After PAP’s failure to create good jobs, it has now discouraged citizens from pursuing a degree because it cannot be eaten.

Singaporean youths will definitely want a better future but they can’t because PAP’s policies don’t permit such a happy ending. It is a fact that any ordinary citizen who had retired more than a decade ago would have likely run out of funds, forced to sell his home or become a security guard, cleaner or cab driver. There really isn’t a choice under PAP.

The incompetence of the PAP government should already be obvious to Singaporean youths. They are not afraid of PAP and will prioritise their future over PAP’s interest.

Like LKY who was a young man when he got involved in politics, Singaporean youths are aware of the power they hold in their hands and will not hesitate to change an incompetent PAP government. LKY will be proven wrong.

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One Response to 20150808 Singaporean youth will change an incompetent government, LKY wrong

  1. Xmen says:

    “Why are resale flats unaffordable and the location of one’s home dictated by the PAP?”

    That’s a good question. Given the dismal TFR and the loss of citizens due to brain drain, locally born citizen population has not increased measurably over the past couple decades. So HDB resale flats and prices should technically be stable and readily available and affordable to most Singaporeans (as during their parents’ time.) So the lack of supply and high prices can only be attributed to the massive foreigner inflow since the 1990s.

    Singaporeans should ask themselves whether they want to continue the inflow or to stop and even reverse it in the next 2 decades. It is getting very late in the game and it may be past the point of no return.

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