20150803 Singaporeans do not need to fear our PAP servants anymore

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Dear Singaporeans who still fear PAP

Shortly before GE 2011, PM Lee proclaimed “We are servants of the people”. If PAP is really “servants of the people” and PM Lee the butler, then the fear of your servants must surely be unfounded.

Citizens of other countries, except North Korea, do not fear their politicians. Do you want to continue being a laughing stock to foreigners?

After reading this post, some of you will be convinced that fear is dead and you will not allow fear to continue crippling you. Do not continue voting with fear and watch PAP doom our country.

When PAP incarcerated and bankrupted opposition politicians, its intention was clearly to instill fear. So was imprisoning Amos Yee and confining him to IMH for 2 weeks, taking legal action against Alex Au, arresting a cartoonist for alleged sedition, attempting to bankrupt Roy Ngerng, etc. The objective of PAP is to perpetuate its power using fear as its weapon.

In a recent TOC article, a law lecturer was reported to have told the friend of an undergraduate that, as an intern of M Ravi, he “should be careful”. Fear of PAP has continued to permeate our society.

But thanks to the internet, an increasing number of citizens are now more concerned with ridding PAP’s incompetence than their personal safety. Besides those mentioned above, Singaporeans have also been inspired by the 2 youths who were arrested for protesting outside the Istana. Rest assured, more will stand up against PAP’s injustice and its attempt to silence the people.


No thanks to Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore remains a society crippled by fear of PAP. Even as more Singaporeans have freed themselves from fear, PM Lee has followed blindly in his father’s missteps. How could a leader not have realised OUR country cannot progress with a population largely shackled by fear?

Let me tell you something about myself which may convince you there’s no need to fear PAP anymore and call its bluff. I have never written to the government anonymously and have not been ‘marked’ despite my extremely critical feedback. The fact that nothing has happened to me should assure you that there’s really nothing to fear PAP.

I have been cautioned by well-meaning friends and relatives to “be careful”. But why the heck should I be fearful when telling the PAP off with regard to policies which are clearly detrimental or civil servants who are incompetent or lazy? No, it is not I but the PAP which has to be wary because the people will boot it out for its substandard governance.

If we are a democracy, citizens should have NO fear of the government. If PAP continues to strike fear in our hearts, logically, we should get rid of this debilitating fear by first getting rid of PAP.

It’s kind of funny when others caution me because I, like you, am just a small little guy whose opinion matters not to the ‘omnipotent’ PAP. If the PAP even bothers to ‘mark’ me, then I would question its stupidity because it should have devoted its limited resources to ‘marking’ opposition politicians who present a real threat to its power. So don’t be afraid to speak up and remember that we are just little ikan bilis which are not even on PAP’s radar.

What PAP truly fears is people’s power, not individuals, because if one million CPF members manage to break free from fear, PAP will be history.

People’s power = PAP’s nightmare

Image credit: TNP

PAP’s omnipotence is actually an illusion created by our sycophantic mainstream media. By itself, PAP has NO power as it is derived from the people. But fear can be so overpowering that it overwhelms logic and blinds us to the fact that PAP’s power has all the while been … in our hands. Don’t believe?

Prior to 2011, PAP overpaid itself, underestimated housing requirements by miles and even forgot Singaporeans are human beings with healthcare needs. When Singaporeans reduced PAP’s power by 6.5% in May 2011 to 60.1%, PAP suddenly woke up and found the resources to construct adequate housing and reduced its political salary by millions.

Singaporeans had called PAP’s bluff and were rewarded with belated changes. Can you imagine what would have happened if its power had been reduced by 26.5% instead of 6.5%? I am pretty certain PAP would not have demanded we live with a 6.9 million population by 2030.

PAP’s omnipotence is pure propaganda; in reality, it is a coward. Only cowards hide behind the armour of state machinery when confronted by lesser mortals or resort to bankruptcy proceedings which ordinary citizens cannot afford. A hallmark of cowards – the refusal to admit to and apologise for its mistakes, even monumental ones.

Lee Kuan Yew, a person who ruled by fear was also a very fearful person. It appears almost unbelievable until you reflect on what he had said and done. Lee also feared the electorate but with his constant ‘talking down’, he had hoped to continue using fear to control Singaporeans.

Before I proceed, allow me to make it clear that I am not saying this only after he’s dead. My post in September last year, “Why more Singaporeans have lost our respect for Lee Kuan Yew”, was published by The Real Singapore and it apparently resonated with thousands of Singaporeans.

When LKY talked about meeting in a cul de sac with knuckle dusters or a very sharp hatchet, his violent metaphors instilled a tremendous amount of fear in citizens. In a true democracy, such language would not have been acceptable and the politician would have been thrown out by the party. But sadly, not in our democrazy.

Whenever LKY lectured or threatened citizens, it was always with the full support of our politicised civil service and a mainstream media which could right any wrong by PAP. LKY understood the power of propaganda early in his political career and achieved most of his objectives through fear mongering. For many citizens, fear died, or is dying a slow death, along with LKY.

When LKY talked about the army intervening in the event of a freak election, ie PAP loses power, he was so blatantly illogical but yet managed to fool quite a number of citizens. Calling in the army to perpetuate PAP’s power and shooting our own people WILL NEVER happen.

Our NSFs may have been brainwashed students but 19 or 20 year old NSFs are not insane to open fire on their parentssimply to help PAP regain its power.

Another reason for calling LKY’s bluff – PAP wants to continue benefitting from Singapore’s prosperity. In the event of political instability and our country is turned into a ‘war zone’, foreign investors will flee. PAP and its ‘affiliates’ have their wealth inextricably tied to our prosperity. Why should PAP shoot itself in the foot?

Now, if you look at more recent events such as the Little India riot, you can see the incompetent PAP government was not prepared to handle even a few hundred rioters! What more a chaotic situation involving hundreds of thousands of people?

Recall Katherine Lim who had hit a nail in the (Goh Chok Tong’s) head with her “great affective divide”. Goh, aka Lau Goh online, was incensed and insisted on placing arbitrary limits to criticisms of the government. What Lau Goh meant with his ‘OB markers’ metaphor was that even if the criticism was factual and constructive, so long as PAP perceived otherwise, it had the right to skin the critic alive. So much for a consultative government.

But if the government represents the people, then it is the people who decide where OB markers should be placed, not PAP. Why did we even fear our servant Lau Goh who suka suka placed OB markers anywhere he wanted?

What you have not realised is fear was already written all over PAP’s face. It feared a one-on-one debate in parliament and had designed the GRC system for its nincompoop MPs to slide into parliament by the back door. With a parliamentary majority, what’s there to debate?

It is the PAP which fears you. If not, it wouldn’t have to go down on its knees at every GE. Do realise this and you will cease fearing PAP who is really your SERVANT.

To sum up:

I have been openly critical of PAP which has not been ‘marked’ after so many years. This proves your fear of PAP is unfounded.

PAP, if it’s so free, should be marking opposition politicians/members who are its real threat, not little guys making a hell lot of online noise.

Fear mongering had worked for LKY but it will not work for his son in the internet age.

PAP, by itself, does not have any power. Its ability to instill fear in citizens increases its power, and vice versa. Only when you don’t even fear PAP anymore will it start to really serve you.

Online media is more powerful than PAP’s propaganda machinery. In this day and age, there’s really no need to fear our servant anymore.

Phillip Ang


PAP has ruined the lives of thousands of Singaporeans and their families in order to instill fear in citizens. Among its victims were Dr Lim Hock Siew, Dr Chia Thye Poh, J B Jeyaretnam, Chee Soon Juan, Tan Wah Piow, Teo Soh Lung, etc. But PAP failed to crush their spirits and these exemplary individuals never showed any fear in standing up to PAP’s injustice. Even members of Gen Y has stood up against PAP’s bullying!

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    Lets not support them and their waste of $$ #boycottmdp50

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