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20150711 SMRT breakdowns – if PAP doesn’t fire its paper-general CEO, commuters should fire PAP

The latest SMRT breakdown which affected more than 250,000 won’t be the last. As the population increases towards PAP’s 6.9 million target, rest assured the mother of all SMRT breakdowns will be making her appearance. The government should not continue … Continue reading

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20150710 An honest mistake by Today

Today (‘we set you thinking’), another PAP mouthpiece, must have been too eager to trumpet Temasek’s record achievement. On 7 July, it stated the value of Temasek’s assets as S$226 billion. On 8 July, Today suka suka increased this to … Continue reading

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20150706 GE 2015 – peasants will be able to question self-appointed aristocrats after another watershed election

The impending fall of the PAP is to be expected after controlling Singapore for 5 decades. 12 years ago, Ngiam Tong Dow cautioned against the lack of serious political challenges from the alternative elite and warned that “the incumbent elite … Continue reading

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20150704 PAP outrageous, not Roy’s allegations about CPF

CPF members should remember that Roy’s defamation suit by PM Lee resulted from his speaking up on our behalf. The court case is a lose-lose situation for everyone – tax dollars lost in court hearing, PAP will lose even more … Continue reading

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20150701 ‘Servants can bankrupt citizens’ system must go

I refer to ST article, “PM Lee’s lawyers seek ‘very high’ damages in defamation case against Roy Ngerng” and Today’s “Blogger Roy Ngerng still straying into issue of defamation, says Prime Minister’s lawyer”. ST’s article makes the damage assessment case … Continue reading

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