20150624 National service revamp not possible with PAP in power

Male Singaporeans are disadvantaged by a 2 year conscription. Many employers also prefer to employ foreigners who do not have reservist obligations up to the age of 40/50 depending on one’s rank.

The harsh reality of today’s economy necessitates a revamp but PAP’s mindset seems to be stuck in the last century. It’s as if there has been zero technological improvement and we need to be perpetually on heightened alert.

The PAP should not expect citizens to accept its nonsensical justifications to continue paying young, healthy adults $2.75 per hour to defend our country. If daily expenses are included, an NS man would be paid something like … a fraction of the pay of a Macdonald’s crew.

If serving the country is not about money, the PAP should lead by example.

PAP seeks to reduce the cost of everything except its own pay. It has relied on OUR CPF as a cheap source of funds and legislated cheap labour (NS) to defend our country, fight crime (NS police) and “save lives and property” (NS SCDF).

Cheap labour just got cheaper with the SPF employing cardboard policemen.

The performance and attitude of a conscript and a regular are worlds apart. Would regulars thrash their dormitory to express ‘happiness’ in having served our country?
(watch video at mothership.sg)

PAP has always been concerned only about dollars and cents, never mind the outcome. It is also not bothered about reservist obligations affecting family members of the reservist.

We certainly do not need 40,000 NS men on a little red dot. The government knows that and what it has done is channel the oversupply to the SPF and SCDF. On a per square kilometre basis, there are about 55 soldiers, a world record. Including some 500,000 reservists, we have ten times the number.

In a real war, this will pose a logistical nightmare. Maybe our generals have not heard of something called a bomb?

It is silly for the PAP to continue believing that its propaganda works on our NS men in the internet age. Citizens are getting more fed up with the MOST unproductive 2 year of our life spent WAITING most of the time.

Singaporean companies do not need to be productive because PAP’s immigration policy allow an unlimited supply of cheap foreign labour. Similarly, our paper generals do not need to be productive because PAP has been providing an unlimited supply of slave-wage conscripts.

If our paper generals were more productive, NS could have been easily reduced to 6 months.

A professional army would be more cost effective and will not blow a $12.34 billion hole in our budget. It’s a win-win situation for Singapore but of course this will not happen. This is because PAP has vested interest in conscription – it needs the numbers to justify the number of generals. Without the numbers, PM Lee would not have become a general in 8 years and the rest like Tan Chuan Jin and Keechiu Chan would probably have been only colonels.

My generation fully supported NS and I was a regular in the RSAF for 6 years. Before ‘Lau Goh’ became PM, Singaporeans did not have to constantly worry about our lunch being stolen by foreigners and foreign talents did not include every job under the sun. In those good old days, I bought a 5-room HDB flat jointly with my mum and the mortgage was taken care of by a single income.

But things have take a turn for the worse today. My children will have to bear the burden of a very high cost of living and competition from an unlimited supply of cheaper foreign labour. So why should the NS status quo remain almost unchanged since 1967? PAP is clearly protecting its interest, not ordinary Singaporeans’.

Conscription is not confirmation of one’s love of Singapore. In countries without conscription, it does not mean their citizens will not defend their country in times of war.

To sum up:
– A totally different political/social/economic landscape warrants a revamp.
– There is clearly an oversupply of NS men with thousands transferred to the SPF and SCDF.
– Having too many NS men and reservists will pose a logistical nightmare in times of war.
– At $2.75 per hour, NS is cheap labour.
– Because of the unlimited supply of cheap labour, our paper generals have become very unproductive.
– Most of the time in NS is spent waiting and therefore wasted.
– NS can be reduced to 6 months but PAP needs the numbers to justify the number of paper generals.
– PAP will not revamp the conscription system because of its vested interest.

Repeated calls for a revamp have fallen on PAP’s deaf ears. Perhaps the only way to right the situation is to deny PAP its majority in Parliament.

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3 Responses to 20150624 National service revamp not possible with PAP in power

  1. Jason says:

    Should war breakout, and all warring parties are respectful of geneva convention, I would abandon the singapore armed forces to assist our “enemies” in hunting down and bayoneting our true enemies.

  2. scada tan says:

    ha.. Malaysia doesnt need to fight a direct war with SG. just put up a blockage to stop all foods from going into SG and see all the singaporeans starve. SG will surrender in just matter of days!

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