20150619 Desperate PAP confuses SG 50 with SG 500

The PAP is acutely aware that it may lose power despite all its propaganda.

It has become so desperate that instead of giving out $50 to 82,000 civil servants for SG 50, it has added an extra ‘0’, increasing the amount to $500. This will cost taxpayers $41 million instead of $4.1 million. Might as well make that $5,000 since we only have a parliament on paper.

Perhaps $41 million is loose change to PAP since directors of Temasek and GIC are likely to be getting tens of millions in remuneration.

If the civil service needs to be recognised for its contributions, past civil servants must also be included. How could the PAP have forgotten all ex civil servants who have served for decades but retired recently?

It also does not make any sense to ‘recognise’ a civil servant who has recently been employed, say for only a few months with $500 of tax dollars.

Top civil servants have already been amply ‘recognised’ by their oversized pay. It is also an insult to a stat board CEO earning $500,000 a year as $500 is peanuts percentage of his pay.

Hmm… so all non civil servants did not contribute to nation building? SG 50 Bonus is so poorly conceived that Singaporeans don’t know what to say.

Most Singaporeans cannot help but feel increasingly disgusted with PAP for what we perceive to be a vote-buying exercise. Hopefully, civil servants do realise they are effectively paying themselves since they are also taxpayers.

Civil servants pay taxes > PAP uses tax dollars to pay civil servants = Civil servants paying themselves SG 50 bonus

So our highly-paid civil servants have been ‘too free’ thinking of various ways to help their political masters stay in power. Perhaps that accounts for all the screw ups.

PAP is extremely desperate and SG 50 500 Bonus will not be its last attempt at vote buying. What will PAP think of next?

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4 Responses to 20150619 Desperate PAP confuses SG 50 with SG 500

  1. Joker says:

    Simple, civil servants must be smart. Take the money and vote for opposition, Just imagine, they lose one GRC you get $500, coming election if they lose a few more, the next election you will get $5000. Don’t be stupid, you need to be paid well to stay uncorrupted, follow the example set be the leaders

  2. wongcheokwan says:

    I am NOT Confucius.
    “A”-group each gets $50 plus $500
    “B”-group each gets $50 only
    “B”-group are made suckers to subsidize “A”-group.
    Are there greater suckers in “C”-group who get $0 ?

  3. Anonymouse says:

    PAP should just check themselves into IMH if they think a one time $500 payout is going buy hearts and minds when the SPF couldn’t even get enough warm bodies with $40K sign-on bonus.

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