20150426 IDA’s (Instant Degrees Accepted) unbelievable reply for Nisha’s honest mistake

Dear IDA

Thank you for your honest reply for the honest mistake of Nisha, a new-citizen employee. IDA’s reply has also confirmed the existence of PAP’s unwritten ‘instant degrees accepted’ policy for all foreign graduates working for the government.

Nisha is clearly remorseful for depriving other better qualified SINGAPOREANS from being employed by IDA – she has removed her bogus MBA from her Linkedin account. Assuming she was employed based on her degree from the University of Mumbai (UM), it implies IDA could not find even one suitable applicant from all local unis. Which is of course an insult. Perhaps IDA would like to feedback to the PAP government – benchmark all local unis to UM.

All IDA had to do was Google ‘southern pacific university bogus’, press ‘Enter’, and all the relevant information would appear on the screen. Questions:
– Would IDA have employed Nisha in 2014 if it had realised she had stated a bogus degree in her CV?
– Would IDA have entertained her honest reply?

IDA did not employ Nisha for her culinary arts or nursing degree and Nisha was far from being computer illiterate. Since SPU was already mentioned in online forums a decade ago, any average intelligent person would have conducted some due diligence.

IDA’s decision to retain Nisha implies:

1 – It believes Nisha was gullible and of below average intelligence
2 – Singaporeans are daft.

Since both of the above are unlikely to be true, IDA’s decision will further erode public trust in the PAP government. What is clear to the public – IDA’s HR was snoozing. In typical PAP fashion when caught with its pants down, cook up some unbelievable excuses and hope all will be forgotten. IDA should have known the internet never forgets.

PAP has increased the foreigner population without a corresponding increase in manpower to conduct due diligence. By employing random checks, even if ICA/MOM has approved a fraction of foreigner degree mill graduates, it would mean tens of thousands of foreigners are working in Singapore without the relevant qualifications and skillsets. Between 2007 and 2009, there were about 200,000 new PRs and 60,000 new citizens.

Number of good jobs going to foreigners = PAP government depriving locals (born and bred here)

According to IDA, it is helping to put “in place the infrastructure, policies, ecosystem and capabilities to enable a Smart Nation (Singapore)”. How will IDA enable Singapore to become a Smart Nation when it wasn’t smart enough to do a simple Google search on a degree mill which has been operating for more than a decade?

IDA should not work against the interests of Singaporeans and continue to defend its lousy HR practice.

In my honest opinion, IDA has now painted itself into a corner and PAP will be held accountable for not holding IDA’s HR accountable.

Thank you and have a nice day.


Honest potential IDA employee with PhD from the Jamban and Longkang University

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