20150424 GE 2015 – time to let go of PAP’s broken system

PAP has been on auto pilot for decades, mistakenly believing in the permanence of its absolute power.

Zero parliamentary debate, a sycophantic mainstream media/grassroots and self-serving politicians have resulted in the implementation of policies detrimental to Singaporeans’ well being.

The increasing groundswell of anger has been directed at PAP’s redistribution of public resources and its pro foreigner policies. To the majority of citizens, the system could not be more broken.

PAP has little choice but to call for an election soonest possible before the effects of its propaganda wears thin. It’s poor governance has been regularly exposed and citizens do not want PAP to continue running Singapore on a for-profit basis.

Confirmation of our broken system:

– Our leader insists foreigners help create good jobs for Singaporeans when in fact, it is the PAP which has created good jobs for them at our expense. We are able to see many foreigners in supervisory/managerial positions instead of locals, be it in the F and B, IT or financial services sector.

A decade ago, there were 1.085 million jobs paying $3,000 and below. After increasing the population by one million and prices going through the roof, there are still almost 1 million jobs paying the same amount. Good jobs? Are all the jobs created for ITE and Polytechnic graduates considered good?

Labour Force in Singapore, 2014 (pg 117)

– After PAP had failed to create the promised jobs, it changed tack and advised citizens against pursuing a university education. And because most jobs pay too little, relative to our Swiss cost of living, most Singaporeans will not be able to retire.

– When foreigner Anton Casey posted offensive remarks about Singaporeans, MOS Indranee Rajah gave us a “everybody deserves a second chance” lecture. But why was Indranee quiet as a mouse when it involved a local 16 year old who had to spend 4 nights in jail for a similar offence?

– Was there a need for 8 police officers to escort a handcuffed pint size 16 year old whose legs were also shackled? Is this not state terror? Why are helpless citizens intimidated but when it came to a riot, our men in blue ran for cover?

The PAP clearly has an issue – it has a bloody broken which needs to be fixed.

Maintaining total control and riding roughshod over citizens’ interests are ‘hallmarks’ of LKY’s governance; it is shocking to find the PAP still firmly believing in such an approach. From Hong Lim Park to online media, PAP is still trying to muzzle the voices of concerned citizens.

The GRC system was never meant to serve the people but to allow incompetence to gain entry into parliament through the back door. Of late, there have been repeated confirmation of the rot in PAP:
– a PAP MP who blindly supported a foreign cheat’s application for PR
– another who overcharged $1 million in legal fees
– a doctor MP who blamed the HDB/URA for misinformation instead of taking responsibility for insisting on allowing a columbarium to be constructed beside HDB flats, etc.

And if PAP continues to mishandle the construction of an RC centre which does not have the support of its residents, another lawyer MP may soon be committing hara kiri.

But the rot extends beyond MPs to statutory boards and government agencies such as:
– ICA and MOM – lax in conducting due diligence on credentials of foreigners
– SPF – totally unprepared for a relatively small riot
– ICA – Woodlands Checkpoint breached twice within months
– CPIB – assistant director charged for misappropriating $1.7 million, etc.

One must bear in mind Singapore is a 716 sq km little red dot paying top dollar for a competent civil service. If PAP were running a country 10 times the size of Singapore, we can expect the number of screw ups to increase proportionately. Public institutions which have been abused by the PAP to perpetuate its power will all prove to be rotten over time.

Due to the lack of accountability for decades, government agencies have always gotten away with issuing nonsensical press statements. A recent example – the IDA defending an employee who had obtained an MBA from a degree mill with dubious reasons. Although it had subsequently investigated after public outcry, the damage has been done.

How many hundreds, or probably thousands, of foreigners with fake credentials are employed by the government? How many locals have been deprived of employment because the PAP did not conduct any due diligence on foreigners prior to their employment? PAP is unlikely to come clean.

After the recent blunders, it is understandable the PAP is in panic mode as no one knows which politician/government agency will spring the next surprise. As it gears up for the election, ministers/other ’heavyweights’ are seeking shelter in ‘safer’ GRCs although none is safe, including PM Lee’s. Potential high flyers are even dumping their constituents with silly excuses that only a six year old will believe.

Ong Ye Kung, former principal private secretary to PM Lee, has decided to dump his Kaki Bukit residents after 3 years of grassroots work. Ong says he is leaving because he has “been asked by Minister Khaw Boon Wan if I could assist him in Sembawang”. What does it say about the PAP whose candidates can suka suka pick up and leave because of a ‘request’? Sembawang GRC constituents had better be wary of the PAP because they could be next ie when the going gets tough, PAP candidate goes to another GRC. They won’t be there to ‘serve’ you.

If PAP were serious about retaking Aljuneid GRC, it should have sent its strongest team eg comprising PM Lee or a few ministers. Instead, PAP has assigned a suicide squad comprising …. nobodies. Heading the team is a Victor Lye, CEO of Shenton Insurance recently turned flyer distributor. Instead of resolving real problems faced by residents, Victor prefers taking pot shots at WP. Netizens’ perception of Victor – a petty clown. Victor’s current top priority is to get the AHPETC to repaint a zebra crossing. Is this not ‘jiak liow bee’?

(The current situation is dire for the PAP. Every GRC has at least one minister/MOS, some 2. But despite having 2 ministers in the Marine Parade GRC including an ex Swiss standard PM, PAP received only 56% of votes in 2011. What will happen when there are no ministers contesting in Aljuneid is obvious – the 5-member PAP Aljuneid suicide squad looks set to create history with the biggest loss.)

PAP’s reliance on propaganda is also confirmation of its broken system. Because it has concealed so much information from the public for 50 years, no one knows how broken our system is.

Instead of fixing its broken system, PAP has continued to introduce cosmetic changes and playing musical chairs ie swopping cabinet positions.

A party that is against the people is a liability to the people. Citizens do not need the PAP; it is the PAP which needs our tax dollars.

For the sake of future generations, voters have to quickly fix the PAP because it has refused to fix itself. Time is running out.

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3 Responses to 20150424 GE 2015 – time to let go of PAP’s broken system

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said, Phillip. However ,the GRC was not created to allow incompetent people to get into Parliament. It was a side effect, much like “what’s wrong with making money” with respect to the COE idea as recounted by Ngiam Tong Dow. It was designed to keep the opposition from getting into Parliament because LKY knew at that time that it was well nigh impossible for the opposition to get together a credible team to contest and the prohibitive deposits demanded of the impecunious opposition. That master of illusion sold the idea quite easily by saying that it was meant to give effective minority representation. He then put into place the provision in the Parliamentary Elections Act which prevents the President from calling for a bye-election unless all the members of a GRC vacate their seats. When Dr. Balaji died no bye-election was called and his Chinese colleague “covered” his duties. surely a contradiction of the stated aim of minority representation. This sort of deceitful action pervades the whole spectrum of governance in this little red dot.

  2. Serena Tan says:

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. I hope innocent citizens will be spared the wrath of the ruling party.

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