20150408 2006 police harassment filmed by Martyn See

I have heard about police harassment but never witnessed one until I saw this video filmed by Marty See in 2006.


Although the police have acted on orders from the top, they should know such actions do not serve the interest of our country but only PAP.

From the video, we can also see how police resources have been deployed to achieve the objectives of a political party. This abuse has to stop.

In a 2011 FB post, the SPF states “if our officers are in plainclothes, they will identify themselves by producing the warrant card”. In the above video, the female officer in plainclothes had failed to show her warrant card for SIX hours. (20:10 mins) The same officer was aware she was being filmed but chose not to follow police protocol.

Notwithstanding the recent stern warning given to the two teenagers who caused embarrassment to the PAP, public perception of the SPF has reached an all time low.

To all Singaporeans who care about our country, let’s put an end to the abuse of public resources.

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