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20150310 Bukit Panjang LRT disruption – commuters will pay dearly for another SMRT failure

Public transport commuters should be even more concerned than our ‘extremely concerned’ Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew. As our relatively new transport system keeps breaking down like clockwork, the government will wayang to teach our PTO an all expense paid … Continue reading

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20150309 CPF Minimum Sum should be only $103,000, PAP double-inflated MS

After reading up on CPF issues, I have come to realise just how sneaky PAP has been. When PAP says it wants to help CPF members to achieve a higher steady stream of retirement income, what it really means is … Continue reading

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20150308 PAP says CPF not ours, CPF members must decide at the next election

Despite all the awareness created on the CPF issue, there are still adult Singaporeans who believe their money doesn’t belong to them, including a PAP-affiliated NMP. With PM Lee and Minister Ng supportive of her view, it can now be … Continue reading

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20150306 Singapore not a wealthy country but a playground for the rich

Based on statistics and perception of foreigners, Singapore is a wealthy country. But Singaporeans who have eyes living here will know that Singapore is actually a pseudo wealthy country. Poverty in Singapore is glaring and even foreigners from less developed … Continue reading

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20150304 Only way to stop CPF scam – remove PAP from power

PAP’s opacity and constant tweaking to prevent CPF withdrawal have led to an increasing number of Singaporeans to suspect CPF is a scam. A ‘scam’ is defined as ‘a dishonest scheme’ or ‘a fraud’. Meant for retirement, two thirds of … Continue reading

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20150301 PAP is only our servant, not master

PM Lee tried to convince Singaporeans that his daddy’s approach, using fear to rule, was wrong by proclaiming “We are servants of the people”. Many have lost trust in the PAP but when our leader has spoken the truth, Singaporeans … Continue reading

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