20150321 For our children’s sake, say ‘NO’ to LKY’s FT policy, PAP’s population growth shortcut

Singaporeans should be wary of PAP’s economic ‘growth’ model which is totally dependent on an exponential growth of the foreigner population.

A person of average intelligence should have already known PAP bureaucrats have no idea of economic growth since even before the Goh Chok Tong government fell in love with foreign talents … and trash.

What Singaporeans want is a government which prioritises citizens over foreigners ie don’t anyhow give our lunch away. And we are not arguing for a workforce without foreigners.

The PAP has all along been using the additional foreigner headcount to generate economic ‘growth’ and it has become addicted to this ‘growth’ model, much to our detriment. This growth shortcut had its roots way back in the 1970’s, as revealed by a recent TRE article. The man responsible is none other than Lee Kuan Yew. Make no mistake that LKY is the PAP and though he might have relinquished power officially, the man and his (bad) ideas live on.

Real reason for PAP to continue with growth shortcut – Lee Kuan Yew

Nothing can remove the profit motive in everything PAP does and this should be obvious to any thinking citizen. It’s in PAP’s DNA.

Way back in 1977, LKY had said “We will have an annual intake, which will be PERMANENT, of so many thousands of healthy, striving, often because they are hungry, types”.

Newspaper clipping from TRE article confirmed the FT policy originated from LKY in 1977, 38 years ago.

5 years earlier, former DPM Goh Keng Swee had said “[Singapore’s] position is probably unique in that she is now dependent on a continuing supply of foreign workers to sustain growth..”. LKY had seen how this FT growth shortcut had worked. With total control of Parliament, all he had to do was legislate and implement policies to ensure ‘growth’ continued to spike.

‘Growth’ also came from the abuse of our retirement savings where buyers of HDB flats could borrow from other CPF members with positive balances at low interest rates. This is one of the causes of our retirement shortfall.

At HDB’s 50th anniversary in 2010, LKY said: “We’ve grown in the last five years by just importing labour. Now, the people feel uncomfortable, there are too many foreigners”. Weren’t we growing since 1977 by importing labour? Selective memory loss?

Quote from the author of TRE article: “They want economic growth at all costs, never mind if Singaporeans are there or not there. It appears that with such thinking, it’s perfectly fine for PAP leaders to even replace the entire Singaporean population with foreigners, as long as the economy continues to grow!”

PAP governments post LKY continued with his dangerous experiment to turn our country into a corporation. PAP’s policies are THE threat to our national security, not some award winning film, “To Singapore, With Love”.

The figures below are confirmation that LKY’s experiment has continued to this day.

Year Total pop Singapore citizens Foreigners
1990 3047100 2623700 423400
2000 4027900 2985900 1042000
2010 5076700 3230700 1846000
2014 5469700 3343000 2126700
2030 6900000 3795000 3105000
2050 ????? ?? ????


PAP has been increasing the total population at the rate of 1 million per year and has already decided a 6.9 million, probably more, population is good for Singapore. If Singaporeans had wanted such a simplistic growth model, any Tom, Dick and Harry (maybe not Harry) could have replaced all these jiak liow bee million dollar ministers.

Singaporeans must decide if this is in the best interest of our children. The PAP has already set the stage for a population increase to 10 million. But how could a government which screwed up with a 4/5 million population even start talkiing about 10 million without first resolving all the self-created issues?

Singaporeans should assess the PAP objectively and decide if we want our children to suffer a worse fate under the PAP.

Be very wary of PAP’s trickery because there will be NO turning back. PAP has not concealed all relevant pieces of information for fun but to prevent citizens from arguing against its flawed policies. Example, to mislead citizens on foreigner numbers, PRs are lumped together with citizens under ‘Singapore Residents’.

PRs + Citizens = Singapore Residents but are PRs = Singaporeans???

Guess what? PRs increased almost 500% from 112,100 in 1990 to 541,100 in 2010, a mere 20 years. 20,000 new citizens are selected from the pool of PRs so why do we need half a million PRs? Why did PAP allow more than 500,000 PRs to qualify for resale public housing and subsidies for education, healthcare, etc? What then are PAP’s ulterior motives for having more than half a million PRs when this is clearly detrimental to citizens?

Yeoh Lam Keong, adjunct senior research fellow at the IPS said “the government should be trying harder to cap total population at 6 million or below by 2030 and around 6.5 million by 2050”. He described the PWP as “overly mechanistic, economically simplistic and astonishingly sociologically and politically naive”. Yeoh worked as a senior economist and strategist at GIC for 26 years. His views resonate with the majority of Singaporeans.


PAP has achieved phenomenal economic growth through the import of cheap labour and increasing the foreigner population to the detriment of citizens.

The FT policy started decades before Goh Chok Tong laid the red carpet for foreign talents and trash. Lee Kuan Yew confirmed a permanent FT intake in 1977.

For the last few decades, the PAP has proven it is devoid of any idea to generate economic growth other than to continue with Lee Kuan Yew’s experiment to turn our country into Singapore Inc.

It is also common sense that the scale of PAP-created issues will require years to resolve. Instead, PAP wants to bring us to the point of no return.

PAP’s growth shortcut has caused tremendous hardship for ordinary Singaporeans. If we do not want our children to suffer a similar fate, we must convince the PAP that we reject Lee’s idea of a permanent increase of foreigners and PAP’s population growth shortcut.

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9 Responses to 20150321 For our children’s sake, say ‘NO’ to LKY’s FT policy, PAP’s population growth shortcut

  1. Xmen says:

    Here is the extra column to your table on the percentage of foreigners in the population –

    1990 – 13.90%
    2000 – 25.87%
    2010 – 36.36%
    2014 – 38.88%
    2030 – 45.00%

    However, those figures include foreign born Singapore citizens. Given the low TFR and the lost of citizens due to emigration, let’s assume the local born Singaporeans stay constant at 2,623,700 since 1990. Then the percentage of foreigners increases substantially as the following table demonstrates –

    1990 – 13.90%
    2000 – 28.43%
    2010 – 41.30%
    2014 – 44.77%
    2030 – 54.20%

    The locals will become a minority in their own country by the end of this decade! Singapore is definitely heading the way of Dubai.

    • phillip ang says:

      Thanks for the figures.
      Grassroots have yet to wake up to the fact that once foreigners are in sufficient numbers, PAP will have no more use for them. Only a handful of PAP guys will control Singapore Inc. : (

    • Xmen says:

      One last note, I realize that you can extrapolate locally born Singaporeans using the racial composition of citizens. For example, in 1990, if Malays make up 18% of citizens and 15% in 2014, we can be pretty certain that *over* 3% of the differences can be attributed to new citizens. Note that Malays have higher fertility rate than Chinese so their proportion should naturally increase with everything being equal. Unfortunately, a lot of such data are kept from public in Singapore.

  2. Shan says:

    My husband showed me this video and truly it has so many similarities to the way Singapore is run (immigration policy and more).

    Watch it here and share it with others too:

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  4. wongcheokwan says:

    What is the cost to make a foreigner into a citizen? In terms of reserve dilution,housing n education subsidies? n CPF interest lost? Just pay your share,then u are welcome.GREAT MAN TAUGHT US THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH.

  5. ron says:

    we are doomed

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