20150310 Bukit Panjang LRT disruption – commuters will pay dearly for another SMRT failure

Public transport commuters should be even more concerned than our ‘extremely concerned’ Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew.

As our relatively new transport system keeps breaking down like clockwork, the government will wayang to teach our PTO an all expense paid lesson by commuters. SMRT and SBS Transit paid million-dollar fines in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

The latest major disruption on Monday evening was caused by a fire at the Senja station. What’s shocking – the tie breaker was brand new and installed only one day earlier.

So what really happened? Was the tie breaker as new as claimed or bought from Sungei Road? Or perhaps due to cost cutting measures, SMRT engineers are from third world universities?

Sungei Road

Lui said he had instructed “LTA and SMRT to deploy as many buses as is needed..” but since when did LTA own buses? Trying to make LTA look good for its failure as regulator? Isn’t there excess capacity at SBS Transit?

Lui also informed commuters to “check LTA (Land Transport Authority – We Keep Your World Moving (backwards?) and SMRT’s (SMRT) social media pages for the latest information”.

Under PAP, nothing is free and bear in mind SMRT is 54% owned by Temasek Holdings. Commuters should be wary of the ‘free’ bus shuttle service because it will impact SMRT’s bottom line. This will be used to justify another fare hike after another one in April.

The PAP will only be too happy to have this opportunity for another left to right pocket transaction. Expect no accountability and commuters to pay dearly for SMRT’s failure.

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