20150308 PAP says CPF not ours, CPF members must decide at the next election

Despite all the awareness created on the CPF issue, there are still adult Singaporeans who believe their money doesn’t belong to them, including a PAP-affiliated NMP. With PM Lee and Minister Ng supportive of her view, it can now be confirmed PAP has all the while treated our CPF as money which doesn’t belong to us.

According to a TRS article , NMP Chia Yong Yong is the sister of PAP activist Eunice Chia-Lim. The article provided links to confirm Eunice’s membership and their relationship as well as photos taken with a PAP minister and Ho Ching. Strangely, all the contents are no longer available besides this photo (below) on TRS.

An NMP is supposed to be a non-partisan voice in Parliament but Yong Yong seems to have stepped into the shoes of ex-YPAP member, ex NMP and presently pseudo public figure Calvin Cheng. Any PAP MP who utters Yong Yong’s nonsense knows his/her days in parliament would be numbered. Singaporeans should be mindful of pro PAP voices masking as NMPs.

So long as PAP is in control of parliament, CPF-related problems will keep compounding and CPF members will continue to be screwed. We should not assume PAP will not raise the withdrawal age to 75 or provide an option for withdrawal at 90.

Hopefully, Singaporeans are more intelligent than PAP thinks and will not accept PAP’s narrative after hundreds of thousands of retirees have been played out by PAP.

Issues which affect the man in the street do not affect PAP (including policymakers) in their ivory tower. Take for instance municipal issues affecting HDB residents which have gone on for decades, be it high rise littering or the recent rat infestation, etc the PAP will take forever to resolve them because town councils are not managing public private estates.

The high cost of public healthcare ie marking up polyclinic bills to above that of a private GP and subsequently giving an impossibly-high subsidy, doesn’t affect them as they have never even stepped into a polyclinic.

PAP is not bothered about its ‘improved’ public transport system ie 5 disruptions in nine days since ministers and MPs don’t commute by bus/train. To confirm they REALLY don’t give a damn, fares will increase in April despite a poor service standard.

Don’t even for one moment believe CPF issues to be any different to PAP. Why? After working for 30 years, their CPF balances will be in excess of $1 million!. (Assuming generously an additional wage ceiling of $90,000*, all public servants with an annual salary of more than 6 figures will have CPF contributions of about $33,300 annually.) How can they ever understand how the Minimum Sum (OA and MA) of $198,500 affects ordinary folks?
*maximum limit on annual income that can be subjected to CPF contributions.

The PAP-appointed CPF Advisory Panel has already confirmed the government is hard of hearing by further complicating the CPF scheme. Members with lower balances will be given an option to delay payout age to 70 while wealthier ones are able to top up their Enhanced Retirement Sum. Does continued low CPF interest payout resolve the issue of retirement shortfall?

Whenever the PAP assists Singaporeans, it simply increases CPF balances and the beneficiary will always be GIC. This begs the question – why is GIC still in dire need for funds after having received $100 billion since 5 years ago?

That PAP is disinterested in ensuring retirement adequacy for ordinary citizens is a fact but the bigger unanswered question is where is our CPF?

After all the ‘feedback’, PAP still treats our CPF as its possession, frequently changing CPF rules at its whim to prevent withdrawal. Is PAP not a morally bankrupt government to demand unfettered access to our CPF? CPF members must decide at the next election.

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