20150301 PAP is only our servant, not master

PM Lee tried to convince Singaporeans that his daddy’s approach, using fear to rule, was wrong by proclaiming “We are servants of the people”. Many have lost trust in the PAP but when our leader has spoken the truth, Singaporeans should be forgiving and learn to trust him.

From the thousands of comments on PM Lee’s Facebook, it appears many citizens still do not trust him.

PM Lee’s FB comments:

Would you address your servant ‘SIR’?

Singaporeans are so lucky to have a close to perfect PM, as reflected by his FB which does not contain any negative comment.

But some comments are really so sarcastic that the FB administrator overlooked, such as the one above. Does anyone believe in Shoba Verghese’s prediction – that there will never be another PM with a similar dedication as PM Lee’s? Hmm.. do Chennai unis offer any degree in bootlicking?

Since I trust PM Lee just this once, I will not call a spade by any other name. On his hospital discharge, this is what I would have said: “Servant Lee, I hope you will get well soon and be able to tend to the issues created by your government. It seems a million plus masters are unhappy with your performance.”

As for other overpaid servants, I think this is what other PAP masters would have said:

“Servant Khaw, you slept for 7 years at the Health Ministry but was given another chance to prove yourself by forgiving Singaporean masters. Your Fernvale masters deserve at least an apology but you had the audacity to put up a wayang in parliament. Due to your mis AIMing on every issue since 2011, we are likely to show you the door just like we have shown your predecessor Servant Mah.”

“Servant Lui, we have had enough of your TKSS. Common sense says overcrowding cannot be resolved by importing more FTs but we have never seen you raise this in parliament. Instead, you have slapped us by increasing public transport fares after giving billion$ in handouts to $MRT and $B$ Tran$it.”

“Servant Zorro Lim, you have really no idea of your potential as a clown and have wasted 30 years in politics. After you revealed you took half a box of toothpicks from Din Tai Fung, a Breadtalk franchise with 2 ex PAP MPs as directors, after each visit, we feel that you have been a complete disgrace to Singapore.”

“Servant Tan, you’d better not sleep on our reserves like your predecessor. Don’t stand there the whole day like the stationery KFC mascot. Get out and find out where our reserves have been hidden.”

One of our servants had grown so fat that he was able to throw $46,000 on cooking classes in France for his family. Thousands of Singaporeans take years to earn this amount. Many can’t even save this amount in their lifetime.

Our role reversal ie PAP acting as our master, has gone on for too long. For the sake of our country, we should trust PM Lee just once and start treating PAP as our servant.

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