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20150108 Support PAP and the next job lost to another foreigner could be yours

The PAP government has never created sufficient good jobs for Singaporeans. PM Lee’s “Foreigners help create jobs for S’poreans”, not PAP, is acknowledgement that PAP has always been a one-trick pony relying on immigration/foreign workers to generate economic growth. In … Continue reading

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20150104 If paper generals can run a country, pigs can fly

The Singapore Cabinet comprises the PM, 2 DPMs and 15 ministers. 5 of them, or slightly more than a quarter, had been generals/equivalent in the military before becoming politicians. Another country with many high ranking military officers in the government … Continue reading

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20150101 PAP politicians depend 100% on tax dollars but taxpayers don’t need them

If the PAP has governed Singapore well, it deserves all the credit and the million-dollar salary. The fact is it does not even govern but runs our country as PAP private limited company. PAP politicians are worth only a fraction … Continue reading

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