20150108 Support PAP and the next job lost to another foreigner could be yours

The PAP government has never created sufficient good jobs for Singaporeans. PM Lee’s “Foreigners help create jobs for S’poreans”, not PAP, is acknowledgement that PAP has always been a one-trick pony relying on immigration/foreign workers to generate economic growth.

In giving our ‘lunch’ freely to foreigners, an increasing number of Singaporeans have been forced to drive taxis or become property agents.

The thousands of jobs created by the PAP are mostly $5/hour jobs. To foreigners, these jobs are good jobs as they come from less developed countries earning a much lower salary or could be unemployed. The PAP forces citizens to compete for third world salaries.

In August last year, PM Lee, Khaw Boon Wan and Chan Chun Sing tried to persuade Singaporeans “not to pursue a university education”. It appears their intention is to reserve the thousands of jobs requiring a degree for ‘foreign talents’, many from unknown universities.

Foreign banks such as Standchart and Deutsche Bank, the latter with an Indian VP who claims foreigners create opportunities for locals and he pities us, are increasingly staffed by foreigners. The PAP doesn’t give a hoot because their salary is tied to increasing foreigner headcount to generate (pseudo) GDP growth.

If local universities are unable to produce graduates qualified for 5-figure banking jobs, then something must have gone terribly wrong with PAP’s education system. Are our local universities not even on par with, say, one in Pondicherry or any university in India?

Truth be said, Singaporeans are being played out by PAP’s FTAs to promote the interests of TLCs/GLCs such as SIA (TATA JV), Capitaland (China shopping malls), etc.

In 2012, Prof Tommy Koh attributed low wages in Singapore to the “unlimited supply of cheap foreign workers”. Presently, the unlimited supply of cheap foreign workers has been extended to middle/high income jobs.

Some time ago, I spoke with a cab driver who told me he had been in the IT industry for 2 decades but had to quit because of this “unlimited supply”. Thousands of such cases abound but the PAP wants to maintain the status quo.

Whatever deal the PAP has with foreign governments, it has thrown our door to all sorts of pseudo talents wide open. If PAP could, it would depress the salaries of every ordinary Singaporean to improve the bottom line of businesses. As the biggest landlord in Singapore, PAP has repeatedly refused to lower rental cost.

In any profession or industry where PAP can replace locals with foreigners, it will not bat an eyelid. Take for example nursing, one of the toughest job. What the PAP does is import hordes of foreigners with funny accents, many who are unable to communicate with elderly locals, to lower the salary of nurses. It then turns around and claims locals do not want to be nurses.

In the F and B industry, the same thing has happened. The depressed salaries are good only for foreigners. Bus drivers, cleaners, security guards, etc the PAP will continue to lower business costs by importing foreigners. Every job is dispensable except PAP-related ones.

Why should “Filipino workers make up 70% to 80% of Tan Tock Seng Hospital staff”? No government would depress salaries of workers, with aid from our pseudo workers’ union, and use this as a justification to import even more foreign workers. Such a government is useless to the people and does not have the moral authority to govern.

According to the MOH, doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals increased by 53%, 72% and 86% respectively from 2007 to 2012. No country in the world increases the percentage of doctors by 53% over 5 years and there’s only one reason – screwed up planning. Very soon, these foreign doctors who work in public hospitals become citizens and set up their clinics to compete with local GPs. And why not? The first thing the 2 million foreigners do is flock to their own kind; PAP’s immigration policy has already ensured there will be no lack of patients.

Lawyers have also not been spared with the number of foreign lawyers increasing by 42% from 2006 to 2012. What about engineers, pharmacists, etc ?

The PAP is not contented with merely pitting locals against foreigners for third world wages to grow our GDP. With no idea to generate economic growth, the PAP has finally moved up the food chain to doctors, lawyers, engineers and nobody knows who’s next.

The continued support for the PAP means the continuation of PAP’s discriminatory policies. Thousands of Singaporeans have lost their rice bowl because of PAP’s unlimited supply of cheap foreign labour. The next job to to be lost to another foreigner could well be yours.

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2 Responses to 20150108 Support PAP and the next job lost to another foreigner could be yours

  1. Green Tea says:

    Come 2015 when Asean integration into 1 common market like European Union,
    It will affect you one way or the other..

    Read for yourself how it affect you as a business owner or salaried man or woman…

    The key is to be prepared come 2015


    Extract of first few paragraphs

    The Nation June 2, 2012 1:00 am
    Asean has been warned of downside risks of economic integration, especially the free movement of skilled labour, which could lead to a brain drain from poor countries to richer ones.

    Joseph Stiglitz, economics professor at Columbia University in New York, said yesterday that risks could arise from skilled workers moving to rich member countries such as Singapore. He said this happened in one country in Africa that suffered a shortage of medical doctors after they left for other countries. This was a failure of human development in that country, he said at the World Economic Forum’s seminar on “Asean Connectivity: Road Map to 2015”.

    He warned that Asean should be careful on the free movement of talent, which could lead to a “hollowing out” in the poorer countries. He suggested there should be assistance from the rich countries to ensure adequate healthcare systems in the poorer nations.

    click this link to read further http://www.nationmultimedia.com/business/Asean-integration-could-see-brain-drain-Stiglitz-w-30183353.html

    2nd link is the Declaration of Asean Economic Blueprint

    see page 4 & 7 Para A1 & A2 this will affect your business

    10 Para A5. this will in fact, affect our jobs and wages for salaried persons

    for your reading pleasure

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