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20141209 PAP used CPF to inflate housing prices, no planning for retirement

The CPF pension system has been abused by the PAP as a weapon to exert control over the population and inflate housing prices. Concerned CPF members should read up on the issue which has been widely discussed online and question … Continue reading

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20141208 PM Lee’s speech a sign of desperation, tide has turned against PAP

On Sunday, PM Lee spoke at the PAP60 Rally and told 6,000 party cadres that “if PAP fails, Singapore is in deep trouble” plus lots of half truths. PM Lee seems to be living during his daddy’s era, full of … Continue reading

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20141207 Public healthcare ‘grant/subsidy’ misleading, PAP’s subtle propaganda

I refer to TRS’s “NHG polyclinic’s “subsidised” medical check-up cost more than my private GP” by ‘Angry Patient’. It appears Singaporeans have not realised “subsidy” and “grant” do not exist in Singapore; these are subtle PAP propaganda. In other countries, … Continue reading

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20141205 Why is GIC betting bigger with our CPF?

I refer to “GIC beefs up real-estate portfolio with US$8.1b (S$10.58b) purchase of Ind Cor”. (BT, 3 Dec) Blackstone had plans for IndCor’s IPO which valued IndCor at about US$8 billion before GIC stepped in with its US$8.1 billion offer. … Continue reading

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20141203 GE 2016 – vote for a real government, not CEOs of Singapore Inc

It’s about time Singaporeans take control of our collective destiny and not be fearful, greedy or apathetic come GE 2016. The majority have been voting blindly for politicians who act as though they are CEOs of Singapore Inc and screwing … Continue reading

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20141201 CPF-financed privatised GLCs should be returned to CPF members to resolve retirement shortfall

The PAP has abused our CPF to finance infrastructure and even mandated low returns for potential retirees for decades. This is the reason for Singaporeans’ retirement shortfall. In the first couple of decades post independence, our budget did not allow … Continue reading

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