20141228 Vote for the PAP and expect another “5 years to live and repent”

The PAP is in a hurry to hold the next election to prevent more negative news from eroding the little trust left in citizens. Singaporeans should remember we have been forgiving for too long and there comes a time when ‘enough is enough’.

The decreasing support for PAP is a natural outcome of its flawed policies working against citizens. Ordinary citizens have in fact been betrayed by the PAP.

Thanks to the internet, decades of propaganda and half truths have been exposed and the fall in support for the PAP will continue to increase exponentially.

Every citizen should be concerned about the opaque nature of the PAP. Do you trust an extremely secretive family member, friend or relative? As an employee, would you trust your employer if general company information is concealed while other companies disclose theirs and your terms of employment are arbitrarily amended every other year? If not, why do you trust the PAP simply because it tells you to do so?

Marine Parade constituency MP Goh Chok Tong, likens the relationship between Singaporeans and the PAP government to that between a parent and a child. But which parent would confiscate the retirement savings of a ‘55- year-old child’ until he turns 65 and then insists on a pay-until-you-die installment plan? Is this not an immoral government?

If PAP schemes are good for us, wouldn’t we know it and opt in to schemes such as CPF Life, Medishield Life, etc instead of being legislated into them? Can a government which believes its citizens are stupid be trusted?

The PAP has always trumpeted its 50-year track record and painted itself as a near-perfect government. But the fact is PAP’s track record also includes numerous screw ups for which no one was held accountable. Can we trust a government which does not believe in accountability?

PAP has manipulated government bodies and the mainstream media to serve its political agenda. It had no qualms about jailing political opponents, some for more than a decade, and to date, has not offered any apology or compensation to its victims of “gross injustices” ie ISA detainees.

It’s about time the PAP learns a thing or two from the Malaysian government which is not afraid to admit to its mistake and compensated citizens who were wrongfully detained. Right-minded citizens should never trust a party which does not acknowledge its mistakes but merely sweeps history under the carpet.

The PAP thrives on opacity because transparency will reveal ALL its shortcomings and probably lead to its fall.

But Singaporeans are not really concerned about the fall of PAP; in fact many will be in a celebrative mood because transparency has been long overdue. What we are concerned is the rot in our system revealed by transparency. After decades of concealing a vast amount of information, it is very likely the PAP has “mis-AIMed” on a scale much grander than selling public property to a $2 PAP company.

Even if one is a die-hard PAP fan, one cannot rule out the following possibilities:

– GIC opens up its books and informs CPF members its realised net losses amounted to more than $50 billion and past reserves have been used as CPF returns.
– GIC assets were not based on marked to market valuation and its assets are actually worth only a fraction.
– HDB construction cost per unit is 35% of the selling price of 4-room flats and above. The government uses these profits to subsidise 2-room flats as well as rental units.
– Temasek’s directors are paid between $5 to $25 million with bonuses amounting to a maximum of 26.5 months, similar to a minister’s bonus before 2011.
– 80% of PAP MPs are multi-millionaires, many with assets in excess of $10 million.

GIC is really a wild card which could bring Singapore to its knees and this should not be underestimated. Despite knowing it will lose its existing support from an estimated at least a hundred thousand retirees/CPF members, the PAP still went ahead to mandate ridiculous amounts in the CPF MS which ultimately goes into GIC. What an intelligent and scheming PAP is trying to conceal must be worth far more than the loss of electoral support.

The PAP could have easily rubbished such ‘speculations’ with meaningful engagement ie be upfront and transparent, but it has refused.

Singaporeans should get to the bottom of the transparency issue soonest possible. If transparency opens up a can of worms, it would be better to try resolving any problem NOW. If it doesn’t there should not be any harm.

The only way for transparency to see sunlight is to remove PAP from its absolute hold on power. Credible opposition members such as Kenneth Jeyaretnam, Chee Soon Juan, Tan Jee Say, etc should be supported without the risk of a 3-cornered fight.

Vote for the PAP and Singaporeans should expect nothing less than being controlled and chronic issues not resolved. And don’t expect to smell your CPF because PAP’s review panel is only looking at giving us options. PAP has not heard we want ALL our CPF money back; it is still insistent on controlling OUR money.

Vote for the PAP and Singaporeans will have, in the words of Lee Kuan Yew, “5 years to live and repent”.

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4 Responses to 20141228 Vote for the PAP and expect another “5 years to live and repent”

  1. Xmen says:

    We can go on and on listing everything wrong with Singapore (e.g. population, cpf, cost of living, etc). I agree with you that the elephant in the room is Transparency. For this reason alone, it is justified to remove PAP from power to get a good handle on the state of the country. Most Singaporeans, however, do not understand or care about Transparency. So the best way to challenge PAP is to pound on bread and butter issues.

  2. James says:

    The people of Singapore have been been treated this way for the past 30 years because they had been overly trusting and kept faith with a group of people they thought had their interest in mind. Events and repercussions of anti-citizen policies over the last 15 years have woken many people up but the question is whether enough have done so. I pray in anticipation.

  3. maruda170 says:

    Hi Phillp, I enjoy reading your posts. Could you help me raise awareness of this pressing matter? You can refer to my blog post (http://theinconvenientquestions.wordpress.com/) and use all the photos and links there. It has been weeks since I made my complaint and during this time, TR editor Richard Wan also sent a letter to Pioneer SMC MP Cedric Foo. But he ignored all emails.

    However, as my blog post shows, a PAP member from the Pioneer branch answered the original article, implying that PAP members have the right to cyber-bully us and it is part of their freedom of speech.

    Please help me raise awareness. I’m not a good writer but I tried. .

    • phillip ang says:

      Certain issues, if the PAP wishes to ignore, they will never respond. And if they do, it may be better they don’t unless you don’t mind non replies. : (
      Take for example my feedback to PM Lee on my TC’s refusal to come clean on the amount of investment losses (you can read “emails to PM Lee/ministers” on my blog), it’s already the 4th time and yet I don’t have an answer. We are all nobodies to the PAP and they will just continue to behave in an unaccountable manner.
      My issues are small compared to ex ISA detainees, who are not charged, requesting for an inquiry.
      The PAP has absolute power and with that comes the double standard. I have thought for a very long time about PAP’s arrogance and the way it bullies citizens – the only way is for the people to remove its power.
      At least you have tried. A majority of Singaporeans probably wouldn’t have. Try to move on from here cause many issues will crop up. The PAP will just continue shooting itself in the foot which will make it easier for voters. : )

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