20141227 Victor Lye admits the PAP is greedy

I refer to TRS article “PAP Victor Lye: AHPETC trade fairs are about greed!”. Even before Victor runs for election, he has managed to achieve quite a bit of publicity and shoots himself in the foot.

Victor talks about being disrespectful of our civil servants. But since most civil servants are only servants of the PAP and not the people, what is there to respect? Does Victor respect civil servants who play politics at our expense?

Victor then harps on AHPETC’s “poor” financial management, an issue which his PAP colleagues Lim Boon Heng and sleeping-on-the-rat-problem Jurong TC’s Desmond Lee have already shown their ‘concern’. As a potential Aljuneid GRC candidate for PAP’s suicide squad, is Victor trying to score his own goal by making himself so unpopular that he will not be contesting in Aljuneid?

Victor has confirmed the ease of raising “money freely” using common property under a TC’s management. But wasn’t it the PAP which allowed common property to be used to raise money freely? Why call the kettle black? To ensure another level of PAP control in the event it lost a GRC/SMC, our 20/20 foresight government has put in place various CCCs populated by its own ‘kakis’. “Checks and approvals required by law” means nothing more than having to seek the approval of the PAP.

It appears to be a checkmate for AHPETC after it was fined $800 for holding a festive trade fair without a permit. But most people only see this as an old PAP tactic to fix opposition parties and prepare the ground for the next election. Without creating issues for opposition parties, PAP candidates like Victor and others, who will not have the support of PAP big guns, will have the worst showing in PAP’s history.

Victor should not even have attempted to lecture the WP on “greed”, “earn money freely”, etc because this is precisely what the PAP has been doing for decades eg. profiting at least $100,000 from the sale of a 4-room or bigger HDB flat, returning every cent of our CPF only after we are dead and using it for speculating, increasing public transport fares while providing poor service, legislating higher ministerial salary without checks in parliament, etc is this not earning money freely and greed?

There is no difference between AHPETC’s trade fairs and those of other TCs. To claim that “AHPETC trade fairs are about greed” is to admit PAP TC trade fairs are also about greed. Victor should just continue shooting himself in the foot. Since he has admitted the PAP is greedy, it’ll make it easier for voters at the next election.

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