20141208 PM Lee’s speech a sign of desperation, tide has turned against PAP

On Sunday, PM Lee spoke at the PAP60 Rally and told 6,000 party cadres that “if PAP fails, Singapore is in deep trouble” plus lots of half truths.

PM Lee seems to be living during his daddy’s era, full of self praise, delusional and continues to assume citizens are daft.

Just before the 2011 election, Goh Chok Tong, ex PM, had said: “If….I’m out, I think Singapore will be in deep trouble, as simple as that.” But Singapore was already in deep trouble during Goh’s premiership. Goh laid out the red carpet for all sorts of foreign trash (a minority are talented) he termed as ‘talents’ and created a housing bubble shortly after he became PM in 1990.

HDB Resale Price Index shot up from 34.1 in 4Q 1990 to 136.9% in 4Q 1996.

It takes ‘extraordinary leadership’ for housing prices to increase at such a phenomenal rate. After PM Lee took over in 2004, the HDB RPI almost doubled after 9 years. What about a proportionate wage increase? Ooops … PAP forgot HDB buildings/enhanced assets cannot be eaten.

PM Lee should try a new line instead because every political party, including the PAP, is dispensable when they fail Singaporeans.

After Goh was forced out of the cabinet in 2011, our problems have persisted. The problem was evidently deeper and had to do with the entire PAP.

It is unlikely all PAP cadres believed their ears when PM Lee said “PAP intends to contest every seat and win back the WP-Aljunied, … constituencies”. How does PAP intend to win back Aljuneid when its supposedly ministerial-calibre candidate has decided to quit Aljuneid residents? Does anyone believe PAP’s almost unheard of candidates will stand any chance against the WP?

Talk is cheap and if PM Lee really wants to convince party members, he should form an ‘A’ team to contest in Aljuneid GRC. It appears the PAP has already given up even before the fight has started.

PM Lee: “Our future is at stake because if we do not remain a nation of opportunity, our children will have no future. Our society is at stake because if we do not uphold a fair and just society, our society will be pulled apart. Our country is at stake. If the PAP fails, Singapore is in deep trouble. We shall not fail.”

Let’s not even talk about the future because PAP cannot even solve yesterday’s problems. Where is our children’s future when PAP deprives them of a place in our public universities by inviting foreigners from unknown universities, many with a poor command of English but fully funded by taxpayers, to study here? Where is their future when these foreigners are guaranteed a job for three years after their graduation?

Is this a fair and just society when political opponents were jailed without charges, some for decades, and the PAP has not been held accountable?

It’s not a question of “if the PAP fails, Singapore is in deep trouble”. The PAP has already failed and that’s why Singapore is in deep trouble.

The WP has said it was not ready to form the government and PM Lee should know why. Any political party would have said likewise. When the PAP has remained opaque and unaccountable for decades and continues to be so, there must be skeletons in the closet. The WP would of course prefer to allow PAP to open its own closet and take ownership of the skeletons. There cannot be few.

PM Lee: “When we face problems, we acknowledge them publicly and deal with them. We do not pretend there’s no problem….We settle now.” Did PAP deal with the issue of MP Alvin’s law firm overcharging by $1 million? Was MP Intan held accountable for supporting PRC Yang Yin’s PR application? Who was responsible for the poor response when the Little India riot erupted?

The PAP never settle issues but pin the blame onto others, preferably inanimate objects like alcohol. Or maybe the weather. If PAP has never looked in the mirror, how are problems going to be settled?

Where previous PAP leaders bankrupted political opponents, PM Lee has become the butt of citizens’ joke by attempting to bankrupt an ordinary citizen who was sacked by his politically-affiliated employer.

How does the PAP propose to “settle” the problem “now” when the PAP-affiliated CPF Advisory Panel will only attempt to tweak a national pension system sorely in need of reform?

It may already be too late for the PAP to heed its own advice from PM Lee: “If you lie low, hoping the public will forget the issue and the issue will go away, the public will forget you and you might as well go away.”

PAP should deal with MPs Alvin Yeo and Intan soonest possible. Unlike PAP’s mainstream media, the internet has a perfect memory and voters will not be forgiving.

PAP stands for greed through and through; it has sacrificed citizens’ well being for the sake of ever-increasing profits but PM Lee unashamedly claims “only the PAP cares for the people”.

PM Lee’s speech does not gel with reality and is clearly a sign of desperation. The tide has turned against PAP and voters have realised it is now a liability to Singapore.

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