20141129 PAP on the side of foreigners, needs them more than Singaporeans

I refer to PAP’s propaganda by PM Lee “PAP will always be on the side of Singapore and of Singaporeans”.

PM Lee’s entire article is full of self praise and it seems our leader has conveniently forgotten his recent actions have contradicted his message.

In April this year, PM Lee described some Singaporeans as “a disgrace to Singapore” for harassing the organisers of the Philippine Independence Day celebrations. It is doubtful the PMO was aware of all the issues surrounding the Philippine Independence Day celebrations which was subsequently canceled. Why was PM Lee only slamming locals?

One month later, PM Lee said “Singaporeans, new arrivals, people who are on permanent residence here, people who are on employment pass here,..this is a place which is special, which belongs to all of us…”. Can PAP be on the side of Singapore and Singaporeans when our country also belongs to every foreign residents here except tourists?

PM Lee: “In fact, if I can get another 10 billionaires to move to Singapore.., my GINI coefficient will get worse but Singaporeans will be better off..” So PM Lee’s idea of being better off is to perpetuate a problem? Inflation has been worsened by allowing tens of thousands of rich foreigners making Singapore their base, not home, but PM Lee is not bothered how PAP’s immigration policy has impacted Singaporeans. Can PAP be on our side when it is not even concerned about our well-being?

It’s not just PM Lee but other ministers and MPs would also be on the side of foreigners eg. Hri Kumar decided to go gentle on Anton casey and came up with a silly ‘cure’ for making offensive and thoughtless remarks. Kumar is so forgiving towards adult foreigners but when it comes to 5 teenage Singaporeans who were charged with vandalism, Kumar has nothing to say. The attitude of the PAP is unmistakably pro foreigner.

In other countries, the government prioritises citizens over foreigners. Here, the PAP dishes out tuition grants to foreigners’ amounting to about $400 million every year. This works out to each citizen contributing about $120 to invite foreigners to deprive local students of their education. Is this being on the side of Singaporeans? Why is the PAP government offering more grants to each foreigner when it can’t even take care of locals?

To put into perspective, would China, with a 1.36 billion population, spend $163 billion in educational grants to foreigners? Would the US government spend $37 billion to do likewise?
Spending a disproportionate amount of tax dollars on foreigners is confirmation of a pro-foreigner PAP government.

When PAP creates jobs for foreigners, jobs which Singaporeans are suitably qualified for, how does it benefit Singaporeans?

When PAP allows thousands of HDB units to house foreigners working in Singapore, while needy citizens waited for months or more than a year, was PAP being on the side of Singaporeans?

The PAP has never been on the side of Singapore or Singaporeans because it needs cheaper foreigners to lower business cost; PAP needs to protect its own business interests.

Wealthy new immigrants help to maintain/increase property prices and create an artificial demand for goods and services. In order to create the illusion of high economic growth, PAP will continue to roll our the red carpet for wealthy foreigners to make Singapore their base.

PM Lee was speaking from his heart when he said Singapore belongs to foreigners as well. PAP has no growth idea besides increasing the population which it has been doing so for 2 decades. Sadly, PAP needs foreigners more than Singaporeans for our next phase of ‘growth’. It has never been on the side of Singaporeans, never will be.

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4 Responses to 20141129 PAP on the side of foreigners, needs them more than Singaporeans

  1. James says:

    Phillip, you are absolutely right again! This devil in white is like the son of satan. He resorts to tears when he is standing at the edge of the cliff but once your back is turned, he plunges his knife into your back. He is quite an abomination and his true self is reflected in the behaviour and attitude of his cronies and supporters.

  2. wongcheokwan says:

    Tuition grant of $400 million to foreign students is an understatement. $12 billion was allocated to 2012/2013 education budget.It only take PSLE maths to estimate conservertively $4 billion is for higher education.We have 20% foreign students in our Poly n Universities.So Singapore budgeted 20% of $4 billion for foreign students.=$800 million

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