20141119 PAP creates good jobs mostly for foreigners at Singaporeans’ expense

The PAP has never been able to create good jobs for Singaporeans. As the biggest landlord in Singapore, the PAP has been cheering higher land prices/rental for more than 2 decades.

The profitability of a Singapore company is impacted by rental and wages more than other costs. But since the PAP has vested interest in land/buildings, it has ‘no choice’ but to depress wages. With its dominance in parliament, laws are enacted to allow cheaper foreign labour to mitigate high rental. Our ‘labour’ union, NTUC, assists the PAP in convincing workers to compete for third world wages in our supposedly wealthy country.

The PAP government is solely responsible for wage stagnation/depression.

In its attempt to convince Singaporeans that we need foreign workers, PAP has been reminding citizens that we depend on them for ‘good’ jobs.

A month before the 2011 GE, PM Lee made a last ditch effort to convince Singaporeans that “Foreigners help create good jobs for S’poreans”. Point to note is the PAP never had any supporting facts or figures and it expects citizens to blindly accept its statements as the gospel truth. Three years later, this half-truth was repeated last month by PM Lee who seems to believe its propaganda still works in the internet age.

If good jobs have been created, why are citizens up in arms over PAP’s policies? Nothing better to do?

CPF data have confirmed the PAP did not create good jobs for Singaporeans. In 2002, the total number of jobs with sub-$2,000 wages was 586,873 (page 91). In 2011, the number of sub-$2,000 jobs increased by about 50,000 to 636,128. link to an earlier post During the same period, the HDB resale price index almost doubled and prices of necessities have increased in tandem.

The basic cost of living in the most expensive city is about $3,000 per month, unless PAP expects citizens to abandon our aged parents, not to plan for retirement, etc. It appears we are really a pseudo-wealthy country redefined by Goh Chok Tong as one with a ‘Swiss’ standard of living?

Are good jobs created by simply relabeling bus drivers as ‘captains’ with wages unchanged? Hopefully the PAP does not intend to rename cleaners as hygiene executives and claim more good jobs have been created. Any salary increment by the PAP to improve the lot of low-wage earners is always conditional upon increasing productivity or clocking overtime. These are not conditions applied to the PAP.

Good jobs have to pay good salaries. A good salary is relative to our cost of living. Foreigners from third world countries can easily afford to retire comfortably after 2 decades of working in Singapore. With a salary as low as $2,000 (relative to our cost of living), cashing out their CPF alone allows them to purchase a landed property, a car (both without installments) and start a small business.

Look at the number of elderly Singaporeans above 70 working as cleaners – are these good jobs?

The PAP has been creating good jobs, yes, but mostly for foreigners.

If the PAP has been creating good jobs for Singaporeans, it should be transparent and not group PRs and citizens together in CPF statistics on wages. PRs are not Singaporeans. It is obvious the government has a separate set of figures which is required for its planning but has concealed embarrassing data from the public. Is the PAP afraid to reveal its flawed immigration policy which has in fact created more good jobs for PRs and not Singaporeans?

ALL CPF annual reports from 2002 to 2011 contains an ‘Annex J’ showing the different wage brackets. They confirm the shocking number of Singaporeans forced to take up low-wage jobs which PAP claims are good jobs. After 2011, ‘Annex J’ is no longer available. (this has already been highlighted by Roy some time back)  The PAP does not want to acknowledge its failure and attempts to prevent public scrutiny of flawed policies.

CPF data have confirmed the PAP has been creating too many low paying jobs which citizens have been repeatedly told are good jobs.

The PAP should get down to resolving a self-created issue, stop squeezing profit from land/rental so that wages can be increased. The PAP must stop creating good jobs mostly for foreigners at Singaporeans’ expense.

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3 Responses to 20141119 PAP creates good jobs mostly for foreigners at Singaporeans’ expense

  1. James says:

    I think at this stage when all the social and economic ills are everywhere for people to see, it is pointless to hope that those who refuse to acknowledge the reality before them, will ever regain their senses. Regrettably, they will only see the light when the instrument of torture is shafted up their arses and the personal pain they feel as a consequence. However, when they do finally regain their senses, it will probably be too late.

  2. Alan says:

    Come next year, I would have to give up my car. I believe many other mid-income families will also find the car no longer affordable or will have forced to cough up more of their retirement savings if they want to maintain the same standard of living.

    In reality, the standard of living would have dropped for majority Singaporeans are now forced to compete with foreign talent or workers. Even elderly cleaners are not spared. The promised ‘Swiss standard of living’ has become more to look like a proven lie, a lie that was very cheap to make in those days.

    But has PAP or GCT even apologised for telling us such a big lie ? And will LHL continue to lie to us about foreign talents creating good jobs for Singaporeans ? Would any of us still want them to continue lying to us by continuing to believe in them ?

  3. Wise old pioneer says:

    Philip is right ; yrs back I remembered land acquired by govt at paltry price n then given to hdb who Dev flats n sold them at mkt prices or the land sold Pte developers at mkt prices; in short daylight robbery of yr land at yr expense

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