20141008 PAP’s best and brightest MPs now a liability to Singapore

Yang Yin won’t be PAP’s last grassroots leader to make headlines nor will PAP MP Alvin Yeo.

This is because PAP has been about insatiable greed with the exception of a few members since decades ago. According to state propaganda, we are told our leaders were dedicated men. But this does not gel with the fact that their exorbitant salary was increased at an exponential rate after each review.

Greed attracts greed. Period. Nothing good comes out of greedy people.

The latest case involving PAP MP Alvin Yeo reflects the rot in the PAP. Alvin was the senior lawyer in a case involving Dr Susan Lim who had overcharged her client. He acted for the Singapore Medical Council which won the case and filed for claims amounting to $1.33 million. However, the High Court subsequently ruled that Dr Susan Lim had been overcharged by almost 2 peanuts. (1 peanut = $600,000)

In other countries, MP Alvin would have been the talk of the town for months and relieved of his parliamentary duties. Headlines would read something like “Lawyer handling case of overcharging overcharged by $1 million”. The PAP must now do the “right” thing to maintain whatever little moral authority it has left.

How could any sane person have even thought he/she could get away with overcharging by more than $1,000,000? Although Alvin may not be personally involved in the billing, as a senior partner, he must take personal responsibility for his firm which had inflated legal cost by 400%, legal assessment cost by 1000%, etc. As a PAP MP, overcharging by $1 million not only reflects negatively on his party but is also a complete disgrace to the legal profession. .
Source: TOC

Besides Alvin, there is also MP Dr Intan who had supported, Yang Yin, her parasite grassroots leader in his successful PR application. When Yang Yin made headlines last month, Intan refused to be upfront and went into “internet hiding” for 2 weeks. She suddenly reappeared just in time to comment on the Hong Lim Park ‘heckling’ incident.

Intan has remained unrepentant by framing her support for Yang Yin into one of helping a Singaporean’s grandson. Since Intan is such a caring MP, ALL her constituents who need help to get PRs for their foreign spouses should make a beeline for her MPS.

The ICA has now clarified that volunteering in PA grassroots organisations “has not been part of ICA’s criteria when assessing SC or SPR applications”. The logical conclusion is Yang Yin’s successful appeal resulted solely from the influential position of PAP MP Intan. After PAP MP Alvin Yeo, Intan is PAP’s No. 2 liability.

The lesser liabilities are newbie ministers like Tan Chuan Jin who shared a blog video from ‘5 stars and a moon’ as if it was a reputable news source. Tan should have listened to PM Lee’s advice about cyberspace being ‘cowboy towns’ or maybe Tan aspires to be a cowboy? PM Lee claims that cyberspace is “not easy because it’s anonymous, it’s chaotic, it’s unfiltered, unmoderated, and so the medium lends itself to many negative views and ridiculous untruths — any number of them”.

So why did Tan share information which is unfiltered, unmoderated and negative? Tan should know he is no ordinary citizen and he cannot suka suka comment without at least some verification. Tan’s actions are unbefitting of a ‘million-dollar’ minister, MP allowance excluded.

As for the other other opportunistic MPs who jumped onto Tan’s bandwagon, citizens now know they are prone to spreading rumor, not unlike patrons of coffee shops, eg MPs like, Janil Puthucheary, Zagy Mohamad, Tin Pei Ling, Ang Wei Neng, etc.

What have these extremely busy and talented MPs done for Singaporeans?

Can’t recall much except that Zagy has threatened TRS with legal action for publishing a letter of complaint by one of his constituents. Zagy has made a fool of himself because his threat to “remove the post and apologise for having published false information” within 24 hours has remained a threat.

As for Puthucheary, most citizens associate him with someone who did not serve NS. Although Puthucheary does not take public transport, the PAP government gave his $10 million free travel on MRT (during pre peak period) ‘solution’ to overcrowding the green light. So the outcome of Puthu’s expensive ‘solution’ is we’re back to square one. So what has new citizen Puthu contributed as an MP? Saving babies and children?

Tin Pei Ling will always be remembered for her ‘speechlessness’ in 2011 and her talent in picking up soiled sanitary pads. The idea had actually originated from fellow PAP MP Baey Yam Keng who had recovered a soiled diaper a week earlier. MPs being paid $500 a day to pick up tampons and diapers certainly fits the description of ‘jiak liao bee’.

But PM Lee seems to have thought highly of Tin and recently lavished praise on her by saying “she and her team have won over many hearts and minds”. PM Lee can really tell jokes eg Beijing residents being able to get a free smoke by opening their windows or turning on the tap to get some port soup in Shanghai and make people laugh. PM’s joke about Tin really made my day.

Last but not least is Ang Wei Neng. Most of us probably won’t know who this backdoor MP is. Ang, a PSC scholar, joined the SPF from 1991 to 1997. He subsequently left for the private sector and joined AIG for 3 years, BexCom Pte Ltd for 2 years, Hiap Moh Corp Ltd and Mcare Lab Pte Ltd for 1 year each. After job hopping for 7 years, Ang threw in the towel and went back to the government’s SBS Transit. Most of us who leave the public sector will never return unless ‘bo pian’. What has Ang contributed as an MP?

There are many MPs who seem to have nothing better to do except trying to score political points by taking pot shots on not only opposition party members but citizens as well. Even if they are subsequently proven wrong, they would just pretend their comments were not even made.

In the internet age, errors are easily spotted and PAP MPs who crave for attention will get more than their fair share of it from netizens. Unless they are 100% certain, the best course of action would be to just shut up.

The PAP does not have the best and the brightest as it has often boasted. When greed remains PAP’s only carrot, can anyone expect angels to serve the people?

Our unique GRC system has produced mostly run of the mill MPs and they have become a liability not just to the PAP but to our country.

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4 Responses to 20141008 PAP’s best and brightest MPs now a liability to Singapore

  1. Confused says:

    How can the senior counsel claimed that he was not aware and is not involved in the preparation of the billing when his law firm went on to appeal against the Tax Registrar’s taxed bill to the Judge, who has awarded 30k more but still far short of the million he was claiming?

    He can be ignorant the first time but he certainly can’t be the second time when the firm went on to appeal. A junior lawyer will be able to cross-examine him on this and this excuse isn’t worth the $1000 hourly charge, for sure.

  2. joker says:

    looks like some people are above the law, I recall lawyers being disciplined for over charging and yet now is am oversight, what a freaking joke we have become

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