20141004 Nicole Seah sounding like PAP, losing credibility with slanted, self-righteous view

I refer to “Nicole Seah: Speaking up is not about inciting hatred and anger”.

When Nicole spoke at election rallies, did she expect citizens who subsequently voted for her not to be angry and love, not hate, the PAP?

What makes her so certain about the “heckling” incident at Hong Lim Park?  Reports in the mainstream media and PAP MPs’ and ministers’ comments on unverified accounts?

(According to a TOC article, “heckling of the special needs children who are performing on the stage” could not be detected after “watching a full-length video of the protest march”.)

Nicole advises not to focus “on a particular ideological slant just because it is fashionable to do so”. She is sounding more like our paternalistic and condescending PAP ie PM Lee recently also said something along the lines of fashion ie income inequality “has become a fashionable topic”.

Are concerned citizens and bloggers simply obsessed with trends, daft like what the PAP has made us out to be, “eat finish nothing to do” types engaged in KPKB as our pastime?

It is wrong for Nicole to simply ignore NParks’ and YMCA’s role.

YMCA chose an inappropriate venue where a protest rally was being held. YMCA is therefore responsible for the special needs children. Why is Nicole silent on YMCA’s role? Is Nicole afraid to stand up to organisations?

NParks should have known a protest rally is not a whisper-quiet event but had allowed YMCA to change their performance timing to coincide with the CPF protest rally? If the stupidity of NParks is obvious, why is Nicole also silent?

Nicole should not impose her own style and idea of engagement because what works for one may not necessarily work for others. Every situation is also different. Does she think that by politely questioning the PAP in Parliament there will be a positive outcome on the CPF issue? Perhaps due to her distance from Singapore, Nicole has not noticed our 87 MPs have been sleeping in Parliament until the noise at HLP woke them up.

Judging from the record number of CPF-related questions raised in Parliament, Roy’s efforts are starting to bear fruits.

Mistakes may have been made by human beings like Roy and company, so be it. Nicole should not single out fellow citizens for critcism while allowing the epic PAP blunders to go unnoticed.

Nicole is not a nobody and her comments do not bode well for Singaporeans; she’s starting to sound like the PAP and our mainstream media.

Where the HLP incident is concerned, YMCA, NParks, mainstream media, PAP MPs, etc they are no angels. Nicole’s deafening silence on other parties which are equally, if not more, at fault will certainly cause her to lose a lot of credibility.

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7 Responses to 20141004 Nicole Seah sounding like PAP, losing credibility with slanted, self-righteous view

  1. James says:

    Totally agree with you, Phillip. Nicole is beginning to sound like a hypocrite. I’m not sure what’s happened to her but she sure sounds like one whose head has been turned by the lure of riches and power through connections.

  2. abpap says:

    Phillip, love your articles.
    It is very sad to see supposedly intelligent people like Nicole Seah, Mr Brown “turning to dark side” and start talkng /behaving like a pappy. Who knows? Nicole might run for pap, imagine the huge PR the pap will have “scored”! Mr Brown never the same since pap govt started throwing money in his face. They didn’t fly him & crew to London for Singapore Day for nothing.

    • phillip ang says:

      It’s not impossible that Nicole may run for PAP next election. Very few politicians are in it to serve. Of course if she does that, there will be a thousand and one reasons. 😦 Mr Brown is plain disgusting to bring his child into the picture and help PAP gain political mileage. According to TOC article, there was no heckling incident after all.

  3. dotseng says:

    A bloody useless woman.

    • phillip ang says:

      She used to be admired by many. It would be better if she had commented on the every party involved instead of picking on Roy and company who have done much more than what she has. Don’t think her comments are fair.

  4. Xmen says:

    Nicole Seah has lost all her credibility when she commented on the LHL defamation lawsuit against Roy Ngerng on her FB –

    “…the whole crux of the matter really is – Don’t make false and damaging claims that are unfounded and steeped in lies.”

    Has she even read the original post and found them “unfounded and steeped-in-lies, false and damaging,” as also alleged by LHL’s lawyer?

    Does she realize that leaders in developed countries endure far worse criticisms without ever filing a single lawsuit against their own citizens? Does she understand the implications of her criticism?

    As a university graduate, I suggest that she read up case law on this matter to fully understand the implications of her position. If she does not have anything of substance to contribute, she should just stay away from political commentaries. She can’t claim that her comments are given in her personal and private capacity because they are not perceived that way by the public. To me, she is a naïve and unsophisticated politician and her actions have been counter-productive of late.

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