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20140918 Sinkapoor’s PM goes to court, becomes international laughing stock because defendent is unemployed citizen

StraitjacketTimes special report from the pseudo wealthy state of Sinkapoor: For decades, the absolute power of the Party Against People has allowed its politicians to bankrupt and jail political figures like nobody business. But the current lawsuit in May by … Continue reading

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20140917 When PAP says you don’t need a degree, you’d better get one

The PAP is bent on having less university graduates in the workforce. Last year, Khaw Boon Wan, MND minister turned ‘nutritionist’, advised against having a degree because “you can’t eat it”. The PAP is saying it is unable to create … Continue reading

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20140916 Pioneer Generation Package complicated by PAP’s profit motive

Many Singaporeans still don’t get it. The Pioneer Generation Package was not designed to benefit our pioneers. The Pioneer Generation Package (PGP) was designed by civil servants with a profit motive, to channel more CPF for GIC to invest and … Continue reading

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20140914 Temasek not a long term investor as claimed but a speculator

Temasek’s transactions need to be scrutinised by Parliament because it is not the long-term investor as claimed. According to a 2011 Bloomberg article, “Temasek Holdings spends $2.8 billion for shares in China Construction Bank”, Temasek bought the same shares it … Continue reading

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20140914 Barclays investment confirms Temasek not long term investor but speculator

Temasek Holdings says it is “a responsible long term investor”. However, Temasek’s $4.6 billion loss in its 3.8% stake in Bank of America Corp on a single investment of $5.9 billion, one of the biggest losses in the world, is … Continue reading

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20140912 Ang Mo Kio GRC MP Intan clueless about foreign grassroots parasite

Thanks to social media, Singaporeans are now aware that PAP members could likely be local leeches or foreign parasites. In the incident involving an Ang Mo Kio GRC grassroots leader, Chinese national Yang Yin, PAP MP Intan immediately jumped to … Continue reading

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20140902 PAP’s flawed immigration policy has brought grief to Singaporeans, policy shift necessary

While our ‘unionists’ fear the proposed CPF lump sum withdrawal “will bring grief” to low-wage workers, they have somehow overlooked local workers’ grief resulting from PAP’s flawed immigration. The PAP government has almost doubled the number of PRs from 287,500 … Continue reading

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20140901 CPF members worried about our pseudo unionists’ outrageous concerns

I refer to “Unionists worried about new CPF option”. Citizens are wary about these so called ‘unionists’ because they belong to Singapore’s pseudo workers’ unions run by the pro-business PAP. The main objective of a trade union is to promote … Continue reading

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20140901 CPF issue -where is SDP’s presence at Hong Lim Park?

I refer to “SDP: SGs don’t want handouts, just what belongs to them”. Like other opposition parties, the SDP has highlighted several relevant points on the CPF issue. But by making statements after statements, the SDP has reduced its role … Continue reading

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